Andre Foster of Caribbean Development Bank

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ANDRE FOSTER — Naked, there is a guy that works at Caribbean Development Bank by the name of Andre Foster.  He is a supervisor in the IT department and he’s not a good person at all.

Andre Foster is a kiss ass and he screwed me over.  But after all this time he felt I forgot what he did to me and tells me all the people’s business at Caribbean Development Bank.  There is a woman who works in the IT department that he calls the elephant.  So I asked him why he calls her that and he said she is big like one and stupid also.  I said to him don’t ever call her that again while he is speaking to me.  So I asked him what was her actual name and he said Andrea Grant.

I wanted so bad to meet Miss Grant and tell her what Andre thinks of her.  The foolish man likes to talk so much that he ain’t know he sign he own death warrant by talking to me, boy oh boy.  And he also wants to get Miss Grant’s contract not renewed because, apparently the President, Dr Warren Smith, and his staff call on Miss Grant for assistance with anything and no one calls on him.

Andre buddy do you know why they don’t call on you?  It’s because you are an ass kisser and you don’t know what you are doing.  It’s so amazing how you got that job.   Another guy in his department a young guy by the name of Duane Andre is pushing for him to be appointed.  Well I guess he is, because he’s not being paid weekly no more.  Once Andre and his buddy like you, they do all to make you get through.  It’s so unfortunate what he and his buddy are doing to Miss Grant as I said before once they don’t like you they make up lies about you, then they go to the director.

I hope when every one reads this they realize who’s working around them, and how dangerous they are.

What I am about to write is for Dr Warren Smith.  Be very careful of Andre Foster.  Sometime back there was an article written about you saying that the non nationals hold the best positions in the bank a that Bajans were at the bottom.

Well, Andre Foster wrote that and sent it to an Editor at the Nation to be printed, but what he didn’t know is the same editor he sent it to is related to me.  Yours truly, Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. The person that wrote this is a nasty wicked dangerous —– that just want to get back at Mr Foster by causing confusion in the work place that will make him look bad. Mr foster do your job hold your head up keep focus and let that stupid —– get in your way.


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