Catastrophy Lies Ahead! By: Jerry Nurse

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — INVESTIGATOR, Jerry Mervriel Nurse’s Testimonial: CATASTROPHY LIES AHEAD.

THE Barbados Governmental Judiciary led by the country’s former 1998 Attorney General.

IN 2003, the Chief Justice blindfolded the Caribbean Regional Governments into breaking away from England’s Privy Council Final Court of Appeal to formulate the Caribbean Court of Justice.

IN April 2004, England’s Privy Council Judiciary granted Barbados request and the New Caribbean Court of Justice came into effect with Barbados and Belize.  Barbados’ government pretentious difference with England was preventing this independent country from carrying out the Death Penalty by Barbados Supreme Court.

Twelve years have passed and murder crimes in Barbados have multiplied to the country highest ever level without judges applying the death penalty.

It is believed Barbados’ parting from England’s Privy Council Appeal Court had absolutely nothing to do with the death penalty but was intended to protect Barbados’ corrupt government Civil Servants, Barristers, Lawyers from English justice for in Barbados they are a law unto themselves.

November 30th 1966, Barbados was granted independence from England.  The Barbados government signed the Commonwealth, United Nations Treaty Agreement specifying anyone sentenced to death will have the death penalty carried out within five years; failing to carry out the death penalty within five years the convicted prisoner will then have his/her sentence repositioned to Life Imprisonment.

We often hear skeptics scoffing at the truth, however, the evidence identified will dramatically illustrate when we take into account clear-cut evidence to show continuation of this terribly unappealing Supreme Court horrendous conspiratorial injustice, it will enormously increases the need for effective Barbados Judiciary changes, an obligation of state for Security and Justice.

Michael de Montaigne 28th February 1533 – 13th September 1592 said, “It is a dangerous and serious presumption and argues an absurd temerity, to condemn what we do not understand.  For having by virtue of your intellect established the boundaries of truth and error, and found yourself compelled to believe stranger things than those you deny, you are then obliged to abandon those boundaries.”   Submitted by:  Jerry Nurse

Naked Departure

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