DONALD TRUMP, his BLACK shadow and LOSING the election

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UNITED STATES (Naked Departure) — DONALD TRUMP — THE TRUTH of the matter is: Donald Trump is too honest for his own good.  Added to his ‘honest’ bone is his immaturity and his ghetto-ish persona.  There’s a black man lurking somewhere inside Donald Trump!  Maybe he was black in his previous life(ves) — who knows!  A person looking like Donald Trump should  not come over as being this insecure.  In other words, Donald, you make people nervous.

Bad combinations for a presidential race for the White House and even worse because he’s running against a woman — a woman who has already LIVED in the White House.

The problem with Donald Trump is: honest people are usually very disliked and maligned.  People know you’re thinking things, but they don’t want to hear your ‘honest’ thoughts.  Lie.  People like that!  The problem in this world is: you have a better chance of ruling a country if you have the personality of a psychotic madman, serial killer, pedophile, pimp, drug dealer, liar or the like.  People love being ruled by people having Christian, deviant minds while pretending they are good Christians/people.  But, they all know that to be a Christian in the first place is an act of deviance all of its own.  But…, just pretend Donald, just pretend!!


Donald Trump, in many ways you are just too ordinary and your money and your skin color has not worked for you — to give you class — to make you appear distinguished.  In fact, you come over as being a black man living in a white man’s body…, trust me, that’s not a good place to be!  Black people don’t like Uncle Toms and white people don’t like N***ers.  See?  Lose, lose situation.  You need to be more like Obama…act white Donald!

Donald Trump, you’ve already lost the election.  One can only hope you’re spending other people’s money from this point forward.  Naked Departure

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  1. TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE!!!!!!!!!!!!NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    UNITED STATE’S PRESIDENT ! NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2016 .


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