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Tamara King

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BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — TAMARA KING — Naked, I am writing to you about a sickly Tamara King aka Olla.  This one Olla has been running around with all types of men in the Westbury Road area, even sleeping with men in her family: cousins, uncles, etc., just for a few dollars, and no one knows where the money goes because she has nothing.

She looks like s*****t and her kids are running about the road looking homeless.  Naked, she even talks all of her friends’ name, like: how much men she sell Lyndonna to and how the fella from the Coast Guard never really wanted Lyndonna because she always begging.  She even went as far to say Andrea White man does horn she and how f*****k’d up she does get on with she things.

Olla, you can’t be vex for the woman things.  Get up and get a job and stop selling yourself.  These are your friends Olla.  Stop talking about the people wid ya bad-looking self and go and take care of them two lil boys.

I wonder if the rastaman she got know she does be bout the place selling sheself.   And for the store owners in town beware of Olla and she crew when them in town.  She hands light.  To be continued on these women.    Anonymous–Morris Gap.

Naked Departure

10 thoughts on “Tamara King”

  1. It serve her rite I warn her countless times Olla look fa ah Lil job Olla look fa ah Lil job but all she studying is partying morning noon and night and de poor Lil children is men before dem is boys all day and nite she in d Orleans under a cunt for a man Caz daz all I can call he ah real cunt for a man den he disgrace the word man


  2. I think y’all does don’t know what to talk cause the girl skin look so because of her eczema y’all need to cut it out and Lyndonna have Teron if y’all didn’t know. Keep out ppl business.


  3. Wanna don’t know what the people does he going thru…n wunna here tearing down rasole ppl…I cannot with y’all bajans!. …don’t worry every dog does got it rasole day


  4. Oh good Ronda she tell me the samething she even tell me how she sell the one Lyndonna and that the story on here a few weeks ago was true and Lyndonna feel she is all a that since she get a job, Ola real dangerous with she Aidsy self.


  5. Olla was a from 12 years old I know she personally.she does sell bad.she even tell me a time bout nadira stupid is for still gotting the man in jail that she she sell she to men too tuh get things for the lil girl cause,how she horn she man with some fella name birty as she say the fella musty n nadira foolish watch wunna “friend”


    1. Nadira head all while he was in jail this ain’t nothing new and that whole crew wild and nasty them think ppl don’t see the late at night or hear when them talking. PACK OF NASTY


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