Junior Franklin

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — HERPES!! — Junior Franklin, you have given a young lady herpes!!

Naked, he knows he is sick and he is spreading it around.  He got four of us; his child mother, the soon-to-be-born baby mother, the girl at Popular Supermarket, and me, the side chick that find out he got herpes.  He has a huge birth mark on his tool.  All the rest like me go and please get checked.

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The health department should follow-up on these reports.  You just should not be able to go around spreading diseases and not be charged!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Junior Franklin”

  1. You sound so stupid diagnosing other ppl when really your the only dumbass wid d herpes, ive been dealing wid dat boy for years and never contracted a thing, i honestly believe you are the one that brought the herpes to the table and now trying to drag down the rest of females wid you, im not condoning juniors wutless ass cuz if he stuck to one woman he wudnt have this issue now but you have no right to make other ppl seem sick just because you are, what you should do is notify the other niggas you’ve been spreading YOUR herpes to and stop trying to scandal ppl damn name


  2. Im not sure where this girp got her info from but ive dealt with this boy on multiple occasions and never contracted anything, i think you need to check urself and make sure u aint the one that brought the herpes to the table and stop mentioning other females like your a damn doctor, you dont know shit and just speaking to be noticed which makes no sense, are you mad cuz u now found out ur the last of the bunch to get fucked? Well too bad so sad cuz no one else aint complaining dear, what you need to do is go and get your herpes treated before u end up spreading them cuz its clear u have no problem with fucking other ppl men, yiu should have posted your name instead of juniors name so the men of barbados wud know who not to fuck, dont get me wrong im not condoning juniors wutless ass but you had no right calling no one elses name, next time just post your issues love cuz ya mek yaself sound stupid!


  3. Well idk what this female is speaking about because i had dealing with that boy over and over and i am fine, i dont believe you should speak for everyone maybe you are the one that brought herpes to the table, cuz as far as i know im clean, even so you should feel stupid knowing that ur the last of the bunch and then bragging saying your the side woman, well ok good for you but your also the only one complaining of herpes, what you should do is check who else ya fucking, not condoning juniors wutless ass but clearing the name of the others which u had no right to mention cuz u have no clue whats going on


  4. How come you know each other and that’s he screwing the group. Could it be possible he got herpes from one of you?
    Time to cut out the nastiness and to stop coming here and crying..


    1. Not one of you, because no one else has complained, ive been dealing wid him years and never contracted anything, i really believe the only person wid herpes is the same idiot that posted the scandal, then she had the audacity to mention other ppl which is stupid cuz she aint no damn doctor so how d hell wud she know who else has it, i really think what she should have done was notify all of the men she fucking that she got herpes and stop trying to drag down other females wid her, im not condoning juniors behaviour because if he wasnt wild and wutless she cudnt have nothing to say but dnt be calling out other women on a issue that only u got to deal with, she also stating that she dealt wid a man despite she knows he fucking other women so she gotta be a real nasty ass, stupse, find something else ti post do cuz ya sound stupid all around!


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