Kathy's Problem

Kathy’s Protagonist and Antagonist!


Cathyann (Kathy Ann) Broomes.  Naked, this is the monster, RANDALL WATSON, who sent Cathyann off AGAIN.  This man, all he does is rob my family member blind of all her money.  He made her draw off money off her account on Friday and then spike her drink with drugs.  That’s what kicked her off.

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Cathyann was doing good for three years.  Taking her medication and working and going about her everyday business.  We are not related to that mo**ther fu**er MARK B.A. THOMPSON AT ALL.  Don’t put he name with ours.

This is the guy.  Randall ‘Romeo’ Watson, a deportee who keeps robbing her.  Watson is from Peg Well CHRIST CHURCH.

Kathy's Problem
Randall ‘Romeo’ Watson – Kathy’s Problem

Cathyann worked at Almond Beach from the time she was 17 YRS until it closed down.    Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Kathy’s Protagonist and Antagonist!”

  1. this man almost kill her already
    I can say so much but to say it will exposed too much
    I would like the police to get her medical records and see how this man spike her drink with charlie aka ( cocaine) knowing she is on medication for her illness plus
    Her diabetic medication
    Some men like to take advantage of people
    Knowing their medical history
    She was doing good
    Even when her mom died she never break as ppl was looking for
    As this man ease back in and rob her again she kick off


  2. i worked with cathy at almond and its sad whats going on with her but i hop he don’t have sisters cause what goes around comes around


  3. This man use to work at do it best in Sheraton,very nice helpful respectful,he speak with an ascent. He pick up a medication from de polyclinic last Monday ,mental illness can happen me and you.This man mouth sweet sweet and he is handsome and like skin .That is what fool these foolish women .


  4. Romeo will be the death of this girl..I first came across him in 2009 and i immediately dis trusted him. Whoever post this photo knows full well what they are talking about.


    1. Romeo you are wicked destructive dog and I hope somebody will put a hit on dat ting you calls life fa messing around n disfiguring kathy’s life your a monstrous beast u want killing fa all de pain n suffering u coz dat woman


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