Kim Kardashian lied about the Paris attack?

HOLLYWOOD (Naked Departure) — KIM and KANYE WEST and the robbery in Paris.  Now if that story of a kidnapping and robbery in Paris was all made up to help save the dying “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” show aired on E! network, no one should keep up with the Kardashians.

“Kim Kardashian has filmed a confession detailing her role in the Paris robbery and E! executives have responded by cancelling Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

If this turns out to be true, does this mean that she will never be able to travel to Paris again?  If it turns out to be true, millions of people will finally be happy that the Kardashians have gone away — hopefully never to return.

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The entire story, frankly, seemed staged with Kanye having a cellphone call while on ‘stage’ and Kim being tied up by Frenchmen and not being sexually assaulted, not even in the slightest?

Guess we’ll all have to wait and see how this family falls.  Or, maybe mama Jenner has other plans up her sleeves.

Naked Departure (Photo: Internet)

4 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian lied about the Paris attack?”

  1. Listen to me people cause I’m only going to say this once if you’re the star of a show about nothing and every week there’s nothing obviously you have to do something to make sure there’s always something about nothing. The end.


  2. I don’t see why anyone should follow such people like lap dogs! All they do is flaunt their money, whille there are so many people starving in this world. I have no time whatsoever for such people, and couldn’t care less what happens with them!


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