Lolita GLAD Hawkesworth is DEAD!!!!

Some Glad Chris Hawkesworth is Dead!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — LOLITA COWARD — A heavily made up, to conceal her true identity, Lolita Coward, stated that she is glad that Chris Hawkesworth is dead!  “He shudda be dead every sense” Coward bravely stated.  She believes her late son, Anthony “Tone” Coward, who was tortured and woke up and found himself dead in the trunk of his girlfriend’s car in a bushy cart road at Neil’s Plantation, St Michael, was one of Chris’s top soldiers.


But the heavily made up Lolita is not the only one with that sentiment.  Some (who know Chris very well) are also saying that they are glad Chris Hawkesworth is dead because he’s gone to a better place.  Chris Hawkesworth was a very spiritual man and many who knew him felt he was in an occupation that did not suit his temperament and/or his personality.

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11 thoughts on “Some Glad Chris Hawkesworth is Dead!”

  1. i would be careful of that family and watch what you say. his uk side now know of his death. there bigger than you think.


  2. Look call it what it is. Hawkesworth slipped out of the DEA noose and continued dabbling in cocaine peddling with impunity, He knew the risks from the onset. I know the Guyanese who got collared in New York. He is the son of a close friend and workmate who at the time worked two jobs to survive and brought his son to the USA for a better life. The idiot son made known to his cronies his dad had filed for him so he set things up for the dope dealers. I know of the heart attack my friend D. Adams had, due to the stress of his son being caught. His phones were also tapped for a long time by the US authorities.

    So stop entertaining that pimp Charlie Spice on the radio show talking his bulls crap trying to dupe people into believing that he is an angel and Chris Hawkesworth was the same. The Hawkesworth family were/are criminals from Bayland. I recall several years back one of his brothers was killed by police during a confrontation. They started out as petty thieves and graduated to the coke trade.

    Let Charlie Spice tell you about the whore clubs, drug trafficking and money laundering and human trafficking. His links/ties to Freddy Hill, Bally, Jersey, Bounty, Grant from St John (Singer Eddie Grant’s brother) and the rest who are tied up in the whore/drugs game.

    Stop being bewitched by this man charlie vice. For real.

    The messed up thing is this is the tip of the iceberg since the Colombians, Russians, Italians and Mexicans are now in Barbados in a huge way and the bodies will surely pile up over time.’

    What I find laughable is a few years back Barbados established diplomatic ties with Colombia now Mexico last week. What kind of trade are we going to do with these countries but cocaine and marijuana? Surely not coffee and sombreros.


    1. That brother was shane hawksworth who the police murder in some yard back in 1992/3. They say he dead with two guns in his hands in a shootout. Back then the police were doing some serious shooting…


    2. @ Watcher

      You know these folks Charlie spice, Freddie Hill, jersey, bally, bounty, grant brother well and what you have outlined is factual. The only thing you have omitted is that they work together with a lot of dirty police and corrupt customs and immigration in Barbados.

      Charles Spice is a blatant liar he knows what Chris was up to and the others outlined above.

      With the exception of Bounty I have been to the residences including Charles Spice and know them all personally. I also know the large number of Barbados dirty police who do their biddings. I met Bounty several times at Jerseys former strip club Ace of Diamonds before it went out of business last year.

      All of these individuals are heavily involved in the drugs and prostituton business.


  3. Hawksworth was a drug lord and a stone COLD killer but because he is a boogie looking light skin man everyone wants to give him a pass and a ease…. but if he was a ‘rough looking’ black man you would all be singing from a different sheet. Look into you sense of inferiority black people…have some pride in color or it will continue to destroy you from within.


  4. Its heartening to know that this good christian man go killed on his way to taking food to the poor with a satchel of bibles in his pocket….


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