Tamara King aka Olla

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Hi Naked.  You posted a story about my cousin Tamara King on Saturday and I would like to add my few cents to the story.

Now Olla, as she is known, is my first cousin.  We in the family have known for a while that she has been HIV positive, but Naked, Olla has been selling her body from 11 years old getting pregnant twice in the process.


Olla now has two sons that she does nothing for.  Lucky thing her mother takes care of the oldest while the family helps with the youngest.  Since her father died, she moved back home to Westbury Road where she does nothing but talk Nadira name and Lyndonna name about who they’re with and who she sell these girls to.

The thing that bothers me is why would these girls allow Olla to sell them when they already know the type of person she is and her HIV status?  She needs help Naked.  She really does because she’s spreading that virus like wildfire and not taking care of herself and her kids and her health.

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Her skin looks so awful and nasty.  We tell her about it daily but she doesn’t seem to care.   Anonymous

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