World War III ‘Almost Guaranteed’: Remember, you will be the SLAVES, again!

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) —  US ARMY CHIEFS fear Russia, China or climate change could result in global instability with a war between two powerful countries “almost guaranteed“.

With tensions high over Syria and increasing attacks from terrorists, the threat of war is never far away.

And now, US military bosses have revealed how they think a war between the world’s most powerful countries would play out.


They say the threat from Russia, the growing military strength of China and climate change could be factors which lead America into World War Three.

And they say any future conflict would be “extremely lethal and fast” with a war between two powerful countries “almost guaranteed”.

Countries will increasingly rely on technology, using smart weapons and artificial intelligence.

The terrifying outcome was predicted by Maj. Gen. William Hix at the annual meeting of the Association of the US Army in Washington.  (Source and entire article on: MirrorUK)

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IF THE WORLD IS THROW into great and far-reaching instability, BLACK PEOPLE will be slaves AGAIN.  And rightfully so!

Since their last enslavement, they’ve done nothing but f**k each other over and have no idea of what it is to be organized.  And another thing…, just because the war is not happening in your backyard does not mean you, or people who look like you, are not being affected.  Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “World War III ‘Almost Guaranteed’: Remember, you will be the SLAVES, again!”

  1. Naked Departure please…There are millions of Black people who have, and are, productive citizens in this world. ANYONE who is not part of the 1%, or elite, will be enslaved. This is the plan with or without a third world war.

    Understand the game.


    1. yeah….but we are rooting for the black man….don’t know why…but we keep on rooting for the black man…. why be slaves again if you can think of alternatives….in a small forum like this.


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