Pedophiles terrorize Barbadian children

Boy Displayed ‘Highly Sexualized Behavior” after Abuse

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — DESTROYING A CHILD — A British man who raped his son from the age of six and locked him in a box in their home in Ireland has been jailed for 14 years.

There was no reaction from the 66-year-old man as the sentence was read out at the Central Criminal Court, in Dublin.  (If the Defendant is 66 years old, it would mean he was a male in full when these things he is accused of doing happened.  Was there no way his experience at being a ‘human being’ could have saved him?)

The boy described to the court one occasion where his father was assembling a wooden box at the home in Waterford, in the country’s south-east.

When he asked what it was for, his father replied, ‘it’s for you’, before pushing him in. His mother released him three to four hours later.

A jury convicted the father, who is from the UK, of nine counts of raping his son from the age of six years old and one count of child cruelty. He was acquitted of raping the child with a poker.


The father continues to deny the offences and said he will appeal the verdict and sentence.

His 38-year-old partner, who is also from the UK, was convicted of child cruelty but found not guilty of sexual assault. She will be sentenced next week.  (An age difference that cannot be ignored.  Should people, indeed, be evenly yoked in age?)

Both parents had pleaded not guilty to the offences which occurred between 2009 and 2011 in their home. They had originally faced 82 charges but 60 of these were withdrawn.

The court had also heard that the boy, now 13, was placed in foster care in 2011 where he was further sexually abused by a child.

In March 2012 he was moved to another foster home where he was very happy.

He told his foster mother about the sexual abuse, and she told gardaí.  She ‘loved the child to bits’ but had to stop caring for him because of his disturbing behaviour.  (By now he  has a broken wing.)

A psychologist said he was displaying highly sexualised behaviour but this has improved.  The boy is currently in specialised care in the UK.  (What’s left to be done when you are a caged bird?  You sing!)

Mr Justice Robert Eagar imposed a 15-year sentence on the father and suspended the final year.

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 The man has already been registered as a sex offender and will also be subject to a four-year supervision order on his release.  (A registry that should also be in place and online in the Caribbean for the rampant sexual abuse of children and the many pedophiles!)   (Source: DailyMail with commentary)

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