Ken Hoyte

Ken Hoyte

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KEN HOYTE — Dear Naked.  Finally someone expose Ken Hoyte fah de low life nasty dog he is.  Now Naked, I don’t know who black eye pop guts Lisa Payne think she is she thought Ken had her one she is a big idiot cause I see he and he child mother at reggea on the beach this year.

Look, that girl could put up with some shit.  I really thought she had left his cheating ass seeing the c**t he use to do.  Anyway later down I saw him down town shopping with another woman smh so miss Payne what number are you?


Naked, this man is a liar!  I was one of his victims.  Sad to say for a year or so it didn’t last cause he lied when I met him he was working at the same Sagicor but because of his lies he probably got what he deserved.  Soon after we got involved he got fired for drugs in the company vehicle which led to it being vandalized.

Naked, this man told me he lived with his sister and sister child so during the day we would leave work and go by him for a quick lunch time —– that lead to him staying out late limimg and we having fun in the company van became the norm.  At nite he never took me by him at nite I use to ask myself why dum ass like me.  Naked, the woman he call his sister was his child mother and his child.  It all made sense when his phone rang the ridiculous hours of the nite and morning he would be telling me it’s a client cause he did roadside assistance at the time.  But I ask why you can’t answer your work he hay wid me and don’t feel like moving then he would turn it off.

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But I felt he was hiding something so I got hold of the childmother number and send her nasty messages because I was vex but I was wrong cause it was Ken who lied to me.  But the things he use to do and the way he use to treat her I as the side woman was getting more time spent with and at that time the child was young but he would always say it was her who wanted the child smh.

Ken Hoyte IS A cheating and lied dog.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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