TODAY at 12:30 PM. – WHERE IS HOME to Displaced Africans?

BARBADOS/THE WORLD (NAKED DEPARTURE RADIO) STREAMING LIVE at 12:30 P.M.  Where is HOME to displaced Africans.  WHAT’s wrong with black people that not even black people love black people?  And, these are days and times when ‘pretending’ is a dangerous mind-space to be in.  If you’re not serious, you are a slave.  Naked Departure


“Why didn’t Africa start a war? Why didn’t Africa start a war when they saw and heard what had happened to their countrymen.  Why didn’t the Continent of Africa start a war and stop the white man from entering their shores.  Why didn’t Mother Africa start a war to stop the pain and the spilling of blood of her people.  Why didn’t Africa start a war to revenge the wanton killing, rape and enslavement of their people?  Why didn’t Africa start a war to bring their people home?  Why didn’t Africa start a war to take the Bible out of the hands of African slaves?”   See entire blog here:

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5 thoughts on “TODAY at 12:30 PM. – WHERE IS HOME to Displaced Africans?”

  1. They didn’t start a war with the white man because the people they sold were not Africans. Just because they are black and we are black doesn’t mean that we are the same people. We are not he same people but we will find that out the hard way.


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