BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I have two children, a boy and a girl.  I leave them with my mother when I go to work or if I am going out partying.

Naked, my own mother has been encouraging my son to have sex with his sister because she does not like my daughter.  She thinks that my daughter is possessed by a wicked evil spirit and she allows and even encourages my son to violate my daughter.

Don’t talk about no child care board.  They don’t care and they didn’t come when another family member reported the incidences.


I telling you Naked, people here always walking around looking pious and they wicked and cursed as hell!  I came home the other day and saw my daughter twerking and wukking up bad bad bad to music on the TV.


Gran gran was on the coutch, legs open and having a raucous laugh.   Now Naked, how can I undo what has already been done?

The child lost!  Anonymous

Naked Departure (Internet Photo)

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7 thoughts on “Incest”

  1. You need to stop the parting and raise those children right. You failed as a parent.


  2. What you need to do is STOP PARTYING FIRST OFF ALL find someone to look after your children when you go work ..You damn ass


  3. She is a old slt but she is not responsible for them, they’re your children. YOU are responsible for them. You know what gine on and still leaving the children there so if the CCB charge anyone it would gotta be you. Clown. And some jackass would look at a fcking idiot like you and say you look good in a tight dress and you *ss real phat and you remi on point and tell he self he bout dat. Another generation of clowns ensues.


  4. The person who wrote this story is mental retard. Stop the partying and look after your children yourself you idiot .
    It is not your mother’s obligation or responsibility to raise your chidren.


    1. Lady your mother is retarded and so are you. You blaming your mother for everything that happened to your children and not yourself and not once have your mentioned the father of the two children. Did you get them by yourself or is he dead?


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