Olivette Downes Has a New Man

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, this is the reason why Olivette put out her husband.  Here it is, the outside man.  This is the real reason why Olivette Downes bring the police to put out her husband for a fresh d……

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Say the husband don’t do nothing for her.  Lie!  I dont believe that.  You mean to tell me you married a man for years and he don’t do nothing for you?  Come on Downes, that reason not good enough.

We are going to watch he come and go just as fast.  Hope ur family really see this gutter w…..  Your photo next.  Look out d…… snatcher, more to come.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Olivette Downes Has a New Man”

    1. What is being hidden in the dark must come to light I no that my thoughts was right because I see that same man with that car go by the sop regular before Olivette put out she husband now he goes and comes as he feel like injoy urself player f…. Her till you get tired of she c….. Because she stupid is c… Because if she want Wayne hoyte d…. From Ncc f…. Go where he live and get your d….. Not in your married home you put out your husband just the other day and he inside they a ready Olivette shut your feet open your c….. For men to fast aids out there pic still waiting


  1. Murder it is true i past by olivette house in pasture rd and i c with my two own eyes the same that she tell people she dont have coming from the house couple hours ago sweeting and walk fast and gone down the road they is more to this I.m going searching for the rest dont let go


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