Voodoo and Antoinette

Antoinette Marshall-Gill of the Treasury Department

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, O1289 obey wagon update from earlier today.  Sugar Hill St. Joseph Obey Saga.  Naked, this well-known civil servant Antoinette Marshall-Gill of the Treasury Department ran from work Monday morning to collect obey man Sealy of Baxters Road to allegedly remove demons from on her family house and fought with daughter.

It was a sight to be seen when vehicle after vehicle started turning up in front of the house but what caught our attention and cause my uncle and grandmother to know something was wrong was when Antoinette Marshall-Gill and Obey man Sealy started sprinkling and walking around the house.

Many years ago it was alleged that this very woman had always been what we call dirty handed.  She been telling people for years that the father to her children is an obey man but we were in shock and disbelief when we saw the father turned up and confronted both Antoinette Marshall-Gill and obey man Sealy about practing obey.

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The father was very upset.  My uncle couldn’t believe it when he heard Antoinette Marshall-Gill say to the father of her children I’m going to get Sealy fix you because I’m a Marshall and I don’t fear you.  I would get you destroyed, you don’t know who you are messing with.   Antoinette had also restraint the girl in the house so that the obey man could perform his ritual on the girl to remove what the mother called a demon.

We were all wondering how the mother had advanced so fast in her job but it’s CRYSTAL clear now that she was GREASING the minds of the big ups at the TREASURY DEPARTMENT.   It was like nothing we’ve ever seen before.  Residents are still saying that Antoinette Marshall-Gill had always been a wicked woman who is constantly fighting and putting out her children from the time they were young and trying to turn them against the father.  She ran both of them off last year and one returned after a few months while the other one is wise enough to stay away.

Naked, I remember back in 2010/2011 out here was a buzz trying to find out how Antoinette get Anson Gill to marry her considering that he was so in love with Cheryl from Branch Berry.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

18 thoughts on “Antoinette Marshall-Gill of the Treasury Department”

  1. Why you all don’t stop making a spectacle of yourselves by constantly commenting on this article.If you read this article clearly you would have noticed it had nothing really to do with the girls until you all started commenting it is like releasing feathers in the wind.If Jahboo which seems to be one of the daughters keep commenting things will continue to go on. in all of your post you keep uplifting how sexy the daughter are which has nothing to do with the present situation beauty on the outside and ugly inside means nothing what is on the inside is what makes a person.This should be a lesson learnt all of you need deliverance spirits are real thank God it is all out in the open so persons would know and understand what was happening all along and they would have a better understanding how to deal with anything should it arise again I am not going to chastise you any further but always remember when you had your problems with your mother. Grow up focus on your son and let the situation die a natural death I have challenged you over and over again to let people talk and eat humble pie stop feeding into negative things,you can be such a beautiful child if you would just humble yourself and treat people who are kind to you with respect and gratitude your sister isn’t commenting this is why you so often run yourself in trouble and loose friends. why must Jesus continue to carry all the burden for the whole world to go free when we continue to live so far from his word.


  2. My lady clairvoyant. This is jahboo. I am here just smiling . Antoinette Marshall – Gill girls dad is a man but not just any man. He is a grand master in the Lodge and right now I know he is pissed to f off with what is happening . I wouldn’t name the lodge he is affiliated with. Leave the girls and leave their mom . he loves them dearly that much I would say. He is not an ass he is wise. This episode had no right reaching ND but jealously is deadly and LIES is much more entertaining than TRUTH. To the Marshall and S…th, you will overcome all this and it will be revealed the TRUTH. These girls look excellent , especially nursie if I was a man I would risk ah thing. Leave the blasted people . you looking for people money talking cunt bout crystal gazing go and gaze up in Africa and work some magic to make ya ass. I hope the dad don’t make any f contact with you. Twin gals chef n nursie the haters burning up keep looking sexy show them class and nursy keep wining that big a with your sexy to all self. Kisses from jahboo.


    1. Jahboo you should be ashamed to speak about lies considering the fact that you’re rejoicing especially when you came here to pick up the the ….. the other day saying your mother is too wicked and she always want to tell you how to raise your son do you remember what you told me in town about the said mother and sister ummm at least it is all out in the open I have been hearing this talk about your family for years all through sugar hill I wasn’t even home when what ever it was that happened took place but i knew about it while it was taking place because people talk.


  3. I have been crystal gazing for years and I want to challenge how true of a story this was so I decided to head to my crystal when the moon was full.I asked these questions.

    1) Is this woman Antoinette guilty of these things it showed YES
    2) Is Antoinette trying to destroy persons through a spiritual worker and the three persons that she had spiritual work done on already for the year showed up.I would not put the third question out there but all eyes should be kept on her she is trying to destroy the father of her children and a woman he is connected to I can even tell her when and what or about the protection seal she is carrying and the color of her Aura. I can even tell her who she was trying to hurt this month.Lady you are playing with fire I am going to offer up prayer for the father and his children and whom ever that woman connected to him is for 9 days lady you can’t give life so you should never try to take life.You are hurting innocent people.Back home in Maseru Africa where I’m from you would have been taken before a panel and found guilty for these crimes then your hands would be cut off or you’ll be beaten to death. Why are you trying to punish the innocent.Lady If anyone sees this message and know the father of these children have him contact me through this email and number i’m going to leave with the administrator of this site. Naked keep up the good work your site is doing.


  4. every body talking about the mother but i used to talk to the father and them girls int easy decent jobs don’t make nobody decent the one that is the nurse took up some items from a family memeber of mine


    1. It don’t take no scholar to know that this is you Nicole that put this up and play you got Mose on it .You should be ashamed of yourself big stinking dirty slimy whore you want something to talk about talk about all the children that you took your child to kill talk about the nasty stinking individual that you really are can’t keep your pussy quiet cause every cock you see you want to hop on. Talk about how many police officers cool off in you already and still doing it talk about the nasty stinking scent you does carry because you sexing with so many different men you don’t want to face fucking me you now barking up the wrong tree girl you always had a problem with people that you can never live up to unlike you she is pure class and a mother a decent respectable person who takes pride in every and anything she does I can trust her with my life big stinking bitch like you though you now got my head hot why you ain’t telling no body bout the discharge your daughter was having from the time she was about seven and you was too frighten to take her to the doctor because of all the different men you were playing hide and fuck with.Don’t mash neither of the two of them corns let sleeping dogs sleep name one person on this earth that is perfect.p.s I also know bout the police that was screwing you and your mother you have a lottttttttttttttttttt to mind so don’t get me started.You always fake breeding for every man you got and buying ring and putting on your finger talking about you engaged.Big stinking slut like you,your mother and your daughter and your man daughter that was screwing your child father you think nobody ain’t know bout you. it is whores like you that don’t let nothing drop but have more dirt than Rayside Quarry to hide.Don’t bash them bash me cause I know your dirt and the cocks you suck in zr 159 back in the days.


  5. To mr/ Mrs prayer warrior from jahboo you is a wicked ass person you have no fg right putting in the public domain what one of the young ladies confided in you that is fueling confusion then play you speaking and quoting wicked old nasty big py paling cock. Remember the part of the bible that said ” all you that say lord lord shall not enter the kingdom of God” ” depart from me I know you not workers of iniquity “. You are the devil. Keep praying when I done with your wicked ass you will need it. Their are family at the end of the day leave them alone allow them to heal and make what ever is happening right. Stop exposing information if its true that one of the twins intrusted in you. Know I know who you are. I will deal with you SWEETDREAMS. Pray warrior do you prefer a black and white snake or all black snake?


  6. Oh my god I know one her daughters she always used to tell me how wicked her mother is and how much she hate her mother for the things she put her through so many times she used to cry over things her mother did to her. She had showed me a snap shot of a message and a picture from this same woman whilst she was at the baby daddy wedding saying “this could have been you but you too stupid” I feel so bad now knowing that everything she went through was a deliberate act to destroy her by the one person who should have sheltered her from everything she went through .My mom always used to tell her put it in God hands and one day he will reveal it all and bring you out on top and victorious I know she must be feeling like a weight has been lifted off her shoulder she always used to ask why god does make her go through the things she going through and why every where she go it does always end up being confusion or why everyone she talk to keep turning on her well baby girl like mummy always say to you only in god time not before god is ready do you know the amout of prayers that has been going up to break every spirit of witchcraft from over you and your son life now everyone see that you never lied and you were suffering on the inside like a trapped prisoner but god said no more devil you are a liar I will deliver and restore my children reminds me of the story of Job god said to satan do as you like with him but you can’t take his life.Baby girl it all makes sense why the things that happened to you were happening to you your mother felt she was god and she needed to teach you and every and anyone she saw as a threat a lesson I rejoice for you my friend that the chains and shackles has been broken and you are free.I remember her telling my mom and me about a situation that lead her back to her father after two years and my mom said to her it is god at work don’t question god and she said I don’t see it nothing has changed and my mom said give it time talk to god the enemy is creating these situations for you but it will work out now you see who was doing it.My only prayer is that your mom seek god and ask that all her sins be forgiven and realize that her sins are destroying her children and their children.Heavenly father I lift every member of that family that was affected by this woman up to you and ask that every unclean spirit of witchcraft be broken right now I ask that you touch each and every one of them from the crown of their head to the souls of their feet lord i rebuke and curse every unclean spirit that was sent to this family lord I ask that you would speak to Antoinette’s heart and change her lord turn her away from anything that is not of you and draw her closer to you that she would come to know you alone are lord.Thank you for doing this lord in Jesus precious name amen and amen.


  7. This woman have two beautiful, well shaped , intelligent young ladies with excellent careers, and beautiful grandchildren and must I add also have their own cars and husband for one of the girls. The father of the girls got married about a year or so ago if so long and the mother has her husband. I suspect a HIGH LEVEL OF JEALOUSY. Go jerk off or bull wanna selves and wash out wanna big stinking pussies and stop making up stories. Speak the truth or shut ta fuck up . All I want is wanna full names and date of birth and wanna gine can’t use wanna hands or mouth to speak or do mischief. Wanna gine really see obeah. When wanna lye down at night I gine send 2 black long snakes in wanna beds to keep wanna company. Sweetdreams hahahaha!!!


  8. If this don’t change her and make her repent for all she has done nothing will. She was behaving like this from the days at fisheries always acting suspicious and think someone want to poison her, spells of the mind are far more serious than the ones you pay to send out because of what you were paying to have done to others you believed someone was going to get you for it. I was also told the same story that the children father did this and he did that it was never her she always was the victim until last year I saw a good friend of mine and hers put up a facebook status about her and what she was doing to her children for years.Anyone that know that man that is mentioned in the above article knows that he is a very wicked man who hurts innocent people I know someone who that man hurt and pastor Durant had to prayer for them.


  9. only God knows how long that was going on I know this family for years they were always strange people more people in Barbados need to speak out about these things spirits are real and people do send them out all eyes will be on her and the obeah man now she need to go church i went to school at St.Joseph primary with her daughters and my family never like me being with them I hope she never worked no obeah on me.


  10. Pray tell me, why is this article on naked departure. How is this affecting Barbados Economy. Is this a solution to or National Debt.? This is an uneducated jealous neighbour.


  11. That is wa you da doing correcting spelling you is a teacher ? We get what she’s saying. But this woman have a highway or should I say she front teeth don’t speake




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