BOOK: True and Exact History of Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — HISTORY of Barbados, and supposedly a true and exact account….  Naked Departure


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3 thoughts on “BOOK: True and Exact History of Barbados”

  1. “Richard Ligon (1585?–1662), a British author, lost his fortune as a royalist during theEnglish Civil War (1642-1651), and during this turbulent time in England he found himself, as he notes in his narrative, a “stranger in my own country.” On 14 June 1647, he left forBarbados to gain his fortune in the New World, like many of his fellow countrymen. Ligon purchased half of a sugar plantation in Barbados. After two years residence on the island he was attacked by a fever, and returned to England in 1650. He was soon afterward put into prison by his creditors. There are conflicting reports as to whether his narrative was conceived of in prison as a way to pay off his creditors and gain his freedom, or before his imprisonment…”


    White, came here looking to get rich, spent two years here… definitely an ex-spurt


  2. This is is very good account by Ligon in 1657. I believe that Schomburgk’s ‘ History of Barbados’ of 1848 is way way better researched.


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