THE CHURCH is the problem

PM Stuart Concerned about Subhumans in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — AN ISLAND LAB — THERE can’t be any family structure when the only thing people there were trained to do is eat, sleep, spend, and ****!   It’s the same old story told over and over again.  And the reason for the repeat is: nothing changes.  When you see your PM, Freundel Stuart (and notice even the newspaper spelled his name incorrectly)  is expressing concerned about the non-existent-family structure in Barbadian society (oh, don’t get it wrong, people are f***king, but there’s just no commitment), you know you woke him up vex!!  Yes, Barbados is under threat and it has been that way now for centuries!

Stuart and that church man, Jason Gordon, can’t fix a goddamn thing!

How is it that with pedophiles covering every square inch of Barbados, coupled with the rampant incest, that you don’t have more pedophiles in her majesty’s jail.  Wouldn’t that PLEASURE your queen?  Doesn’t she like pedophiles in her jail?  AND how is it that in every part of the WORLD, Roman Catholic Church priests were having sex with young boys but NOT IN BARBADOS of all places??!!  How do citizens move pass the fact that their abusers are in charge (they see them on the pulpit, in the judges’ chambers, in parliament, etc.)?

Freundel Stuart should climb in a coffin and have the undertaker nail it shut!

How does he expect to heal a race of people who emerged from SLAVES a/k/a SUBHUMANS (because you CANNOT enslave a human being…remember that, a HUMAN BEING cannot be a slave), except to tell them the hard TRUTH about their history.  Tell them the TRUTH about the experiment and the lab and the place called BARBADOS where they ended up (calling it home and loving it).  How do you expect that your population can ever evolve if a NEW WHITE MAN (the queen’s counsels, the ‘sirs’, the governor general, the queen’s police force, etc. et al., who all work for her and at HER PLEASURE), has formed to take over where the colonial masters left off?

Freundel, it is just not possible.  You look really stupid going before the cameras and repeating this s*it day in and day out!

Give your people the real education about their subhuman foreparents.  Give your people the opportunity to speak out freely about what bothers them.  Give children the opportunity to speak out about the RAMPANT INCEST we ALL know is happening in Barbados.  Get the PEDOPHILES out of the classrooms and off your streets.  It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.

As true humans exhibiting true intelligence, you won’t be able to lie to, cheat on, or steal from your own kin folks.  And this does not call for perfection!  It’s a second-nature-human trait; somewhat like saying ‘good morning’.

Give children a chance.  Give peace a chance.  Focus on your deviant nature and spend more money on psychiatric studies (as it relates to the lab/experiment in Barbados) at the UWI so that your people can get the help they so desperately need.

Freundel, you’ve got to work to heal your people, but first you have to show them the sores.  And the church man ain’t going to help you!

Naked Departure (Photo: NationNews)

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4 thoughts on “PM Stuart Concerned about Subhumans in Barbados”

  1. Love the way you write. Had me laughing…You are so “on the money” as the saying goes. Boom!!!!! Keep it up!!!!


  2. What more can we expect from a man who relies on “INTELLIGENCE from the royal barbados police force…” hahahahahahahahahahahaha (muh side hurtin’)


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