Security man from Bentham’s Service Station

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  Naked, there is this man an ugly dog call Buffa (his nickname) that works security at Benthams service station.  He is a malicious ignorant bastard.

He and his partner, Hogeye, also a worker at the gas station are two very wicked men.

One night after the gas station closed, I ask Buffa for a ride in his white Suzuki and he said okay.  By the time we get by St Lucy Church he ask me to lean over and su** his pe*** or he will put me out his car.

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I said no, and he made me walk to Mount Gay and saw me two days later and told me I should have gave in like all the others.  Naked Departure, he also likes school girls.  He has a book full of pictures of naked school girls.  I hope he get lock up but people don’t really know this man.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Security man from Bentham’s Service Station”

  1. Now this is what I would say to you you could of get him lock up before you write naked you should have gone to the police about those pic of minors.might be to late now he will get rid of them .Why you working that time of night when a station closing and you bombing a lifted to get home ?with to clowns . That somthing ,This country don’t care about its countrymen,It should be mandatory that employers should provide transportation for workers after 10pm if it’s so ,well laws need to be in force .Now this is were we come in and I will tell ya dots ya I and cross ya t . This gas station should be boycotted who own this gas station buffool and pigeye need to go .ya should of bite his c ta ass off mouth got teeth I wish p had no body wouldn’t get rape


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