Genetic interruption in the black man

Black Man’s Genetic Potential Interrupted

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GENETIC POTENTIAL INTERRUPTED — The lack of black fathers and black mothers are to blame for homosexuality in Barbados and around the world.  I will repeat it again, the lack of black fathers and black mothers are to blame for homosexuality in this island Barbados.  A female can’t recreate a Blackman outside the womb and this is basic science.

Any man who is raised in a single-parent home and especially when this home is governed by a female or females will display feminine traits at some point in his life.  Rather those traits be physical or emotional, he will display one or the other and in a worst case scenario both.

The rise of the homosexual men in Barbados isn’t coincidental and the number one factor for this is lack of black fathers governing the homes.  Young men in Barbados are being raised by too many single mothers who are trying their best sometimes to raise these men but they just can’t do it from a scientific point of view.   A woman can’t raise a black man to his full genetic potential and will only create a confuse man who finds it hard to express himself when dealing with the opposite sex.


In his teenage years when his body and mind is going through changes, he’s further emasculated by his mother when his body exceeds the strength of his mother but he has to physically and mentally restrain himself from harming her when she seeks to discipline him.  Most mothers at this point mainly call for policemen to help but the real issue is more psychological than physical.  A police can’t replace a father and this is where things become interesting.

Looking across the Bajan platform one can but wonder and ask:  Where are the men?  (Running behing pu***.)

At this present moment in history, the women are ruling over the men.  The women are controlling the houses and raising our children.  They are becoming more qualified than us.  They are climbing the corporate ladders in this society.  Ownership of land and houses are leaning more on the side of the woman.  From an Economic point of view, women are ruling and black men of Barbados need to wake up.

We need to reclaim the houses and begin to fix the broken links in the chain because right now we are heading towards serious destruction.  We have allowed our women to take charge and this has failed us.  Our silent voices have caused more death and destruction than a thousand wars.  We are truly in a sad situation when a man has to hide behind the image of a woman just to get his point of view across, this in itself shows our destruction.

Men of Barbados, get back in the houses and save your children.  For the children are the future, the missing link to the past.  Anonymous

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  1. Isaiah :3:12: As for my people, children are their oppressors, and WOMEN RULE OVER THEM. O my people, they which lead thee CAUSE THEEE TO ERR, and destroy the way of thy paths.



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