Keisha Howard

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked…I come here today to spill some tea on this good-for-nothing service provider Keisha Howard…. Keisha loves to sit down and talk people name but I got the JUICE….

Keisha is a ***-ridden gutter ***.  I would know being a close family friend.  Keisha usta sleep with her uncle for most of her teenage years while living with her grandmother in St George.  She mother ended up finding out so they had to move out.   (No report to the police re: incest/pedophile?)


From then she was doing even worst…  Fat Fat from down north usta carry she on missions to get she hair and nails by having *** with people men for money like Michael Lashley, the rasta fella Justin from KM2 that name Justin that he girlfren at the time almost burst yuh a** in the bathroom at work.  Find out the man family got lil change and you latch on buttttttt yuh lost cause the man end up telling we at work that you give he a CL*P that’s why he shift you.  lol

Quincy, if you read this I advise you get check.  Apparently they say the carrier has no symptoms…..  Then again I might be wrong because the other day at work she did smell lil ou***yy….HERE

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Now let we talk bout the car that the big belly man Mr Weekes that owns Emerald Ridge Apts help she get for her kind services and strugglinggggggggg to pay the note at $8.50 a hour but got on 800 dollar hair!!!!..  Bajan men don’t fall for the w***e cause her lifestyle is ‘services’ at it’s finest.  She only dress sweet but sick ******* ***.    Anonymous

Naked Departure

16 thoughts on “Keisha Howard”

  1. Murdaaaa.. speak the things lolol this is true I hear bout the selling thing before she she usta wrk at south 7,men wear plastic wrap hear.!


  2. I live it up the road from she and she ain’t easy. A different man every minute bout there and I wonder what these men does see in she cause she UGLY.


  3. Keisha like tricking ppl even Justin say so she bout the place acting all high and mighty. And for u Shakira that comment earlier no one cares about her car because she have a big car and does be hungry and always begging Justin for lunch money always begging ppl it makes no sense trying to live big for the public.


  4. Wunna young people got some sick , twisted minds and I hope this story is true and you are not making up stories to harm that young girl’s reputation. It always bothers me that when you get a house or car in Barbados, you are either whoring or bulling. And if you look good and care yuhself, that is worse, it offends some people.

    If you knew someone was sc*****wing an under age Child, why was it not reported . That is nothing to laugh at or brag about. You are no friend to that family. You are a st**king viper.

    Keisha girl, look at the way the story is written and you will know who wrote it. Look at the sentence structure, the exaggerated words. She works with you and she knew you for a while. Most people don’t say “dress sweet”. Degrading people makes her feel better about herself.

    She is the type that would laugh in people face and talk behind their back. She dropped alot more tips in the letter, that you can find out her identity. If you want to…..cause you might not want to waste your time with a nincompoop.


  5. This is true….she the men and she child does sleep in the same bed too…nasty girl selling she c….let she tell wunna who keshane belong to cause he ain’t look like he “supposed ” father


    1. You jealous because nobody won’t buy yours. Steupse. Sad bunch i people. Work hard to get. If she sell she’s p it’s hers. She ent thiefing people things and selling to mek money. She selling what I said hers.


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