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University of the West Indies owned by your Queen

CARICOM/JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES (“UWI”).   So, there was a little dustup in Jamaica over a parliamentary request to the people in top positions at the UWI (Mona) for an accounting of how taxpayers’ money is spent.  Error!


The UWI principals, no matter where the campuses are located throughout the region, do not have to answer to a fella!  The monarchy is in charge of that s**t.   And not only is that the case, the people who manage the University were all to happy to tell the ‘new’ white man that they don’t have any power of oversight (in parliament or in court) because they answer only to their white ‘colonial masters’.  So there you have it!  http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20161013/uwi-snubs-house-mps-push-reforms-make-university-answerable-jamaican

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The queen wins!  But taxpayers are paying.  And please, don’t bother the head of your attorney general!

Naked Departure

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