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Warning to Bajan Men about Havercome

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) –JOYCELYN HAVERCOME — Naked I’m warning the Bajan men AGAIN about Joycelyn Havercome and to keep away from her.  Naked I’m a man to my words.

I saw this woman Joycelyn Havercome in town one day after work so I ask her name and where she from and stuff so she told she’s from Guyana but she married now and is living in Barbados with her husband.  So I say can I have your number so we could be friends she yes no problem so I take her number and so when I got home I message her to let she know it’s me so we got in to details and she started to me about her husband don’t give her nothing and always going out and leaving home with the little boy that I never saw or heard over whenever I call her.


Naked Thursday’s is Q in the community and something’s she would tell her husband she going with her husband she’s going with her girlfriend so her girlfriend would pick she up from home and I would meet them there.  Naked me and this woman use to have sexual intercourse.  Naked this woman like to me and told me her husband morning she and she want to move out and come with me but Joycelyn Havercome I telling some man —– you.

You be careful or get your —— burn.  Bajan men I’m warning you to keep from her.  Best GUYANESE IS A DEAD ONE.  JOYCELYN HAVERCOME IS AN EXAMPLE OF A H***KER……..  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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