Drug Dealers in Barbados are not Loyal and More Need Killing

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, this whole Chris Hawkesworth and Philip Griffith thing reminds of Chanderbally Mahabir alias Bally a Trinidadian along with two others arrested and charged in 2009 for 36 kilo of cocaine that used to own Tasty Treats strip club that was setup by alias Jersey who later owned Ace of Diamonds.  Bally took this drug dealer Jersey deportee into his home and business and then was setup with the aid of his police friends when collecting drugs with two others when leaving the beach in a vehicle with the cocaine inside. Jersey then went on to take over the Bally’s strip club and cocaine business and refused to pay legal fees and other needed emergencies whilst at Dodds. Jersey Bounty and his wife Roxanne the Guyanese then licked out the profits out the business and then closed down and moved to a new location to open now closed Ace of Diamonds.  Bally was offered bail and Jersey the US deportee refused to help in any way.  Drug dealers in Barbados are not loyal and more needs killing.  Jersey should be next as he has set up quite a few people in Barbados along with a number of dirty Barbados Police who do his bidding for a price and whores. Jersey was very aligned with alias Bounty Nigel Ponder and Freddie Hill FAS Entertainment Promoter of Reggae on the Hill in both drug dealing and stripper prostitutes primarily from Jamaica.  Jersey also caused two of Bally’s associates to be picked up from Eddy Grants brother house after they had received around $100,000 from cocaine partial sale. One was a Colombian who used to dive shore from a yacht with the cocaine stored securely in plastic and the other guy was a Trinidadian who was a good friend of Bally. The money when collected in its entirety would have been used to pay Bally’s legal fees and bail when approved. Jersey at the time was also living in Grant’s brother compound in St John.  Both men were deported and Jersey along with Bounty and his dirty Police friends on the St John raid enjoyed the sweets.  These guys made easy millions as this was a second cocaine shipment sent to assist Bally by the Colombians who liked Bally and the way he dealt with their money over the years.

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Everything I have outlined is factual anyone dealing with these low life are marked as they robbed and get away with assistance of a number of dirty Barbados Police. Sargeant Pinder who has been moved from Crooked Barbados Fraud Squad is Bounty’s family and also does some of his dirty work with a number of her Police colleagues in a major racket and criminal conspiracy.  Angela Gittens the lawyer was Bally’s legal representative at the time when Jersey left him high and dry to rot in Dodds whilst he lived like a king.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. Hey guys continue writing but you must be very careful and watch your back. any slip and you are a number too.


  2. Wow this person knows these scum real well and has nailed it. Freddie Hill, alias Jersey, Bounty and their Police business partners in crime.


  3. Facts!!! More bodies gine fall just now. You forgot to mention the Italian mafia man that trolls among all the local strip clubs that operates from his base at Canewood Road. The stakes are higher and the players many more than you think.


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