Neverlaine Springer and the two-bullet gun.  One bullet in Hawkesworth's Head

Neverlaine Springer on the run

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — NEVERLAINE SPRINGER — Naked, one man charged for Chris Hawkesworth death, Philip I know you ain do it yourself, you ain got the heart like your Girl to do those things.

More on this saga…Neverlaine Springer, mentioned here before, is now on the run from the police after approaching Hawkesworth’s wife with info that he lent another person from Spooners Hill his gun and it came back with one round missing.  Kim (wife) run and told the police now he retracting.  Police ain foolish, he is an ass, but he was only trying to do right by his ex woman.

Philip like he could not hold he belly in the station neither coz so many people get call in for questioning, from all walks of life.  Got DEA doing a number bout here.  Ya see Philip was the money moving man, big money was due to come in….seem like Philip get tired of getting little ends for his work.  All walks of life…nodody seem to find it odd that the car Chris was found in belonged to one of Peter Harris’ businesses for months he had it complimentary.  Sound real friendly.  Chris boy ya come home and try to fool the public and ya old friends that ya done with the game.

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Ya leave out Cook Food, Ross, Hoppy, Sunil (who business burn just after Chris dead, coincidence?) and more, all ya old friends, well not all coz just before Rick dead ya was wid he in Nelson Street a night.  When he get kill Chris cry tears.  Lewwe see who crying for you.
New friends…Philip, Kirk from the farm.  That sort of money would turn anybody against ya.

Chris RIP boy!  Ya live life and pay the price for trusting the wrong people.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

73 thoughts on “Neverlaine Springer on the run”

  1. Thomas Harris you like to challenge and know full well you have no legs to stand on, since you got your gloves off, why dont you post evidence about Pat Cheltenham before the evidence of Peter Harris is posted, what’s stopping you, you have more than enough time, let’s see if you are just hot air and all talk.


  2. Thomas Harris, this whole thing is and will remain about Peter, but to humor your simple mind, the DPP taking golf trips from Peter Harris for him and his son is old news, him and Peter have been seen so many times together, they must be bored of each other’s company by now, too many eye witnesses have seen them, including myself, too numerous to mention.

    As it stands, the DPP lost credibilty in Barbados years ago, the only thing left for him to lose is that job and ease the taxpayers so they can finally get a prosecutor that actually works and will do so to unclog the mess that is the supreme court and magistrates court system that he and Peter Harris helps create.

    In addition, why do I need to say anything when you can ask any of 100,000 people in Barbados and they will say it for me.

    If you go on Barbados Underground, there is a whole blog on DPP Leacock, it’s been there for days.

    You need to get out more Thomas, that cocaine jones and pimping around Naked Departure all day and night, trying for damage control which will not work, it got you stagnant.

    If you doubt me go on BU and take a look for yourself, you got so many fires to put out, but do you have enough water.


  3. Pat Cheltenham QC I challenge you. Forget out Peter Harris and CGI for the moment. If you aee brave enough to say something on ND, a man of your reputedly good character and stature should not be afraid to repeat what he writes about here in public. You state here on ND that the DPP, Mr. Charles Leacock, takes bribes. If you have the evidence come forward and present it. BUT YOU CAN’T, YOU PUNY LITTLE LIAR. You are all talk and a lot of lies. That is what your ND audience needs to realize. YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY MR. CHELTENHAM. And by extension you have nothing on Peter, CGI or me Thomas Harris. YOUR CREDIBILITY IS ZERO.


  4. This is all you and Peter Harris know know to do right Thomas, scam ordinary bajans, using dishonest lawyers and bribe public officials.

    Peter Harris could not find his way out of a paper bag in Barbados without a lawyer, the lawyers made him and gave him the power he has to steal from bajans or he would have nothing and be no one, just a real regular person, but to stay relevant he has to come up with the bribes, dishonesty, stealing.

    What happened Thomas, cat got your numb tongue, you called my bluff remember, I did not expect you to be the one running off with your thin little tail between your skinny little


  5. Thomas Harris, you are trying to bribe me to shut up so you can continue stealing from black Bajans, no way.

    What I want Peter Harris to do with that money, is pay the injured people with claims, the ones he is using the supreme court to duck from issuing checks and making payments, he needs to stop using Leslie Haynes and Leslie Roberts to lie to the courts, falsifying medical records and falsifying witness statements.

    I know personally that is what Peter does to avoid paying claims, i have 2 of those false witness statements and medical reports in my possession right now, stop lying to the court and the judges and pay his policyholders their claims, pay the injured claimants with claims against the Transport Board their compensation for their injuries, stop keeping the money for his personal use and business expansion and leaving injured people to suffer, you coldhearted beasts.

    A s you know, I know he does and has been doing for years. .

    Peter got money to pay me bribes, pay David Simmons bribes, pay the DPP bribes, so he has more than enough to pay the injured people all their money in compensation and stop wasting years of the people’s lives, wasting the court’s and the judge’s time, you can boast about how much money Peter Harris makes off the backs of blacks on the island, you can offer me a bribe on behalf of Peter Harris, so why can’t Peter Harris, with all these millions you boast about, pay all these injured claimants needing compensation, as well as, his own policyholders with damaged cars.


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