Miss Bostic from Do It Best Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I work at Do-It-Best and have a work mate by the name of Miss F. Bostic.  I want she know if she feels she could do as she like all the time it don’t work so.


Now come back from vacation if she knows the words that was said about her she would keep quiet.  Furthermore, I don’t even feel the man she got would want her much more cause I know how she does treat people.

Take it nobody don’t tell he the things she does do behind he back oh boy water bucket spill.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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5 thoughts on “Miss Bostic from Do It Best Barbados”

  1. that is why when yuh go in some of those stores the customer service so stink cause instead of dealing wid de cuntomers duh bickering and doing c DO YUH WUK AND MIND YUH F’KING BUSINESS IDIOT BOX


  2. All of wunnah bickering, busy body and malicious store ,chicken farm and restaurant workers,etc,etc, want sending to france home and either bringing in machines to replace wunnah, or get an ecky from St John , to overseer wunnah ass.


    1. Why u got to get the man involved, u don’t think the man know already, sine men love bad treatment, just like some women do, do the people blasted work and keep your mouth shut.


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