One Eyebrow, Tammy Edwards

DO NOT ignore FIRE ALARMS–Feh Feh Feh and Tammy got BURNT!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) –TAMMY EDWARDS — The local newspaper in Barbados actually had the audacity to interview a woman who made fun of a fire alarm and who encouraged young people, in her ratty rant, to ignore something as important as a fire alarm!  She probably does not remember when Sheraton burned down to the ground in years past (arson)!  Responsible members of a society do not behave like Tammy.

What the local newspapers should have highlighted is the importance of alarms in homes and public buildings!

Tammy Edwards should have stayed away from the cameras after making such a fool of herself.  And the newspaper only used her to get some attention (more like competing with Naked Departure) in terms of likes and shares.

And Tammy, ending that piece of an interview talking about Naked Departure and she being a mother, sister and whatever — she should have thought of that before she went on camera cussing and acting like a ghetto rat!

Fire alarms are serious matters.  Maybe she should become a better citizen and not make fun of something that can cause great loss and destruction.  Maybe Tammy should consider being a responsible daughter, mother, sister…..

The newspapers in Barbados should interview the crooks in Parliament, the rapists, the pedophiles, etc., and report on and expose real, important news items.

It is NOT ever okay, under any circumstances, to ignore a fire alarm!   Naked Departure

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12 thoughts on “DO NOT ignore FIRE ALARMS–Feh Feh Feh and Tammy got BURNT!”

  1. SHAUNA i agree with you, i can see there are some real stupid ppl here, girl trying to be funny, a fire drill and she cussing and thing, D I you find it funny if she was going to a party and she had one one eyebrow and her house was burning she a*** would be out and trying to make sure every body else ok, thats what the fire drill was for to make sure that every body knew that every body was accounted for,so that if something had happen that every one know what to do, , girl will land on her feet. yea right you mean she you me she back with legs up, and sue , sue who, wanna talking bout barbados is a slave place, but wanna aint doing nothing to help stop the slave thing, she tammy help reinforce the fact that black are stupid in the eyes of black and others, sue massy, bunch a cu**t talk, focusing on thing that will never change, slavery all in the mind, bob said free your self from mental slavery, we cant change it so work with to you advantage, the white will always have the money, what are we going to do, kill them that their businesses and home,, black here have money and wont invest, and wanna talking bout slavery and sue massy, why we dont look at the fact that the NUPW and BWU collect close to 20 million a year from us and we dont see back a cent, where is all that money going,you dont think we getting rod and unfair, bother of those were here for years, so them should have over 100 million between them, do we ever see a cent, oh yes we do,, we see the big houses the heads of the union live in and the expensive cars and jeep them drive, focus on that, you think if she in the union that them gine call out ppl for her, you all support her cause you all stupid,as i said if she was gine to a party and she had on one eye brow and her house was burning she ass would be outside trying to make sure every body else in the house ok, all we do here is to subcrib to mediocrity among our selves. and think its ok, jokes


  2. Glad she was fired and we the Bajan people don’t want her identifying with us. Go be a Jamaican or something. The eyebrow didn’t even look good to begin with.


  3. Best of luck to her… I hope she gets through re. entertainment or something…maybe she could start her own eyebrow business


  4. I don’t understand, either, why she would be fired. There was nothing that she did that would warrant a firing. One may not agree with what or how she expressed herself but to lose ones employment? It’s a bit much in this particular case, in my humble opinion.

    And I agree with the commentator who mentioned how an American company that manufactures or sells eyebrow products would have capitalized on the video in some form or fashion.


  5. She was wrongfully dismissed. Betcha none of you ignoramus realises that. How dare you judge her. We got politicians gine in Parliament and cussing one uh nudda both dem mother cunt and it get sweep u der the carpet. I hope this young girl lands on her feet. Bunch uh ignorant, judgemental dogs wunna is.


  6. Tammy was making a lil fun but she was outside so you hide behind your anonymity and talk not saying that she right but she was outside….You people just don’t see the irony of it cause you have no creativity if that was in the states the company would have capitalized on that mistake and made millions(eyebrow Imart ) going viral simply means that people who didn’t know about the company would then find out and they would make a mint interviews talk shows you name it and the company would get bare publicity. Stupid uncreative haters and ya all think Americans stupid? Wheel and come again


  7. Those who with out sin cast the first stone. how did she behave like a gutter rat? you fa real?. D girl was only trying to be funny about one eyebrow. Stupid ass bajans. blowing things out of propotions


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