Vernol Roland John

Roland needs to keep out of St. Andrew

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, VERNOL ROLAND JOHN is a nasty dog.  Can you imagine that the slut ain’t coming for his daughter because he dirty laundry get out in public.  Well let me tell his thiefing, poor-grate wife something: you getting horn left right and center so all you trying to get in shape he still does come way down on the west coast for he pu**y.

These men want to f**k in private want to have their cake and eat it too.  What I would suggest is that the wife take a ride to St. James in she lunch time and she would catch him wid the woman before he collect the little boy from school.  Naked he like to hang with the big ups and I feel he does deal wid drugs too always boasting and bragging.

Mrs. John you ain’t have a clue who you marry to that is why you have to keep thiefing Rayside money to make he look good.   He come out of St. Vincent poor is ass and now he playing he is somebody.  Your day is coming just a matter of time.

Naked, I will keep you inform.  I gine get a picture of the woman and send it to you for the wife to see she does be all at car racing wid he.

We women need to stop burying we head in the sand and accepting these men lies.  And for the outside woman he ain’t leaving his wife for you because she does supply his needs.  What Roland need to do is keep out of St. Andrew.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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13 thoughts on “Roland needs to keep out of St. Andrew”

  1. Vickie keep your head up let them attack your christianity the lord will fight your battles we all have skeletons in our closets. People need to stop fighting other people battles and fight their own. You must have had a reason why you didn’t let him see the child. They think that Roland nice he ain’t no good but let them talk day does run to night catch it and what goes up sure has to come down. If his wife was decent and stop behaving like a gutter rat nobody wouldn’t have to talk about them. A job doesn’t define a person but when the police got he for his dishonest ways and he all over ND then they would know. If he so in love why would he have to look elsewhere? A word to the wise until you have walk a mile in a mans shoes do not judge. Whatever is hidden will surely come to light so don’t judge Vickie look at wanna self first. All you fools that have so much to say about vickie just remember a fool is someone who is unwise, lacks sense and lacks judgement. Fools don’t want to learn the truth. So what you all can do is if you don’t have nothing nice to say stay off social media


  2. I int gots no doubts it is viki she wicked I hope de church member see she for wha she is a DEVIL that’s y no man int gine stop round she long she n that lil girl father dun since she was a baby WTF. Imagine she keep she big girl from she father fuh years viki is a wicked b


  3. You are a stupid woman
    Move on with ur life and let them be
    What u need is a job to employ your time .
    What are you gaining. Those ppl love each other and wunna cant break them up.and if he got a woman she dumb cause ig aint nothing but a f. The time you spend checking for Roland and his wife u could be looking at your children and see how your daughter does nehave at school and spend time doing lil work wid her to make her a better child




  5. What is this about again? The man tek a one or two hit off you and went long and now you trying to mess up the man life. It ent the only one it happen to me too. You will bounce back. Mind yuh own business and you will be ok. What the hell you want to put up the woman picture for. Dumb clown


    1. Boosty my dear I think u have a problem may be its u who wants Roland it seem as if u are the one that needs a man and a life I will pray for u


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