Clarke, Math Teacher at Springer Memorial

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked…I writing tuh tell u bout stinking, short, black lip, big head, nasty pedophile Mr. Clarke das teach maths at Springer Memorial.

This is years now Mr. Clarke does try tuh trouble we young girls at school.  He was once seen pulling at a girl uniform and pulling at her a** in a class.  Not only that, if you don’t want to go his way, he picks at u throughout your school life and tries to get u send home and whatever he does, the head teacher (Mrs Benjamin) always agreeing with it, it seems like they are having an affair.


Not only that, when he suppose ta be teaching, he bout the school studying or targeting which young po**es he wud get after school.  He’s also known to be bi-gay, but praise god Springer is an all girl school.  He was seen picking up bullas on Pinfold Street on several occasions.  He has close relationship with one of the gays Devon…smh..  Back to school incidents ….

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One day a fren was passing and look across and see him smoking he cigarettes with one of d students on d premises….ohh don’t let me faget ta tell wunna, he usta interfere with his daughter who now works at a lawyer firm (is this the type of teachers we want)…pffft….he’s also a woman beater, always beating his wife, but yuh don’t ever hear d outcome uh dah…caw he threatens her regular…    Anonymous

Naked Departure

13 thoughts on “Clarke, Math Teacher at Springer Memorial”

  1. I wud Like ta no y Tiffany is So sad n mad because d truth Now come out, When he shall b adding numbers n he adding how much School girls p—–s he cud feel up well, well he shall Neva b at n All girl’s school d joker dat is d Minister ah Education shud do Someting, r I hope he is not like Mr Clarke Hmmm




  3. Tiffany well, well u seems very annoyed But Dat is ur fault if is dun said about mr Clarke already So hun sorry but he is expose n as ah past student he shud b out of Dat school already he is no use n I hope Dat Ronald Jones Look n to all d nasty tings dat d teachers especially d males doing u really needs to get rid of them. Before it is 2 late please save d lil girls from d nasty teachers I am crying out fa All of u All to help, please get rid of them


  4. I finished school at Springer in 1993 and that man is a f’ing pervert,I can say that without hesitation, he and another one called Vivian…I cant be 100% sure but i think he use to date one of his students.Monique Taitt


  5. Jamal Greene i have self respect but seems like you are from the Sodom and Gomorrah clan maybe you should to find inner peace instead of looking for revenue. There is no need to have relationships with Mr. Clarke to do what is right it just shows your level of intellegence


  6. Tiffany seems to b upset about something r was something going on between she n d same stinking Mr Clarke f u r véx dat is ur problem


  7. While I cannot speak for Mr.Clarke and his actions please get your story correct because none of his daughters are lawyers his wife a very respectable woman so leave her out of the your scandalous talk and for the record it is his ex wife of many years. If you are having an issue at school with Mr. Clarke and you are getting no where with Mr. Benjamin use the other resources that are in place. Speak to your parents and use the resources to expose anything that is hidden. If you have witnesses that can prove that this is happening you should take them with you. Mr. Clarke’s wife and children are not accountable for his behaviour so i would suggest that you desist from including them if he smokes and drinks that is not your concern. Your concern is to go too school and have a good education. As an old scholar of Springer Memorial Secondary there was no such behaviour in my years of 1984 – 1991 and he was an excellent maths teacher.


  8. I Honestly believed all Girl’s School’s should Only have Female teachers, give us a Photo Shott of the beast ! With all the Complaints againts teachers of Child abuse, in Barbados ,over the year’s ,not one teacher is brought before the Law Court’s, I’m Convinced it’s a Government and Ministry Of Education Cover Up ! Not to caused alarm ,and Shame to the School’s and the Ministry Of Education .SO let’s USED this Network ! as the COURT Of PUBLIC OPINION !FOR THE CHILDREN THAT HAVE BE SEXUALLY ABUSED BY TEACHER’S.


    1. i think you truly are unitelligent in all you do…all girls school should have ONLY FEMALE TEACHERS that is so stupid so u think that lesbian acts wont follow male or female teachers should know better but thats the world we live in the authorities can’t do anything when they are just like them behind closed doors.


  9. I believe you, there are two male teachers of a school in St Thomas who are preying on the young boys at that school, and school and gov are doing nothing, so I guess we are going to have a population of promiscuous homosexuals and damaged young ladies because know one wants to believe these acts are really happening in our schools. But to late will our cry.


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