George Blenman finally got buried

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GEORGE BLENMAN — Naked it’s me remember me?  Esterring neighbor.  Look I got news fa ya.  I open ma paper this morning and lo and behold de name George Blenman hit ma in ma face.  Well I had to say look ma crosses I thought he did berried ever since, look how long that poor man did da on de ice.

Well um look like he girl child had to put he down, he going church at Westbury Cemetery and day is where da gu berry he.  Well Esterring mean she did gu berry she husband of so many years.  This is wa had she cause she curse me out she do bad as da wa say she do de do flikie, but ya ma back broad.

She say de husband did get a hefty sum from he work place and he tech de money and give um to a woman in Oistins and she get a cent and she da looking fa de money to extend de match box, she tell ma if I feel de way I feel I should of berry he ma self and I could kiss out she …..  I wouldn’t dirty up ya page with that she raised she dress to show ma where to kiss out all I will say she needs to wipe with Clorox wipe that all I would say cause I goes to church.

Well I be going down tomorrow to pay ma last respects.  I forget to tell ya da didn’t even put she name in de papers as he wife, but wa de world coming too.  Ya husband sick ya won’t lift a finger to help he and he sit and dead when ya could a call de ambulance fa he and worst because ya int get he money ya gun do this evil thing.

Ya fa get fa better or worse, I doubt she hear de preacher she da mind looking bout de church to see who come to stop she wedding cause she know she force he to marry she.  He did had de woman in Oistins first and she push she self on he and to be side she best friend did marrying in few months and she push to get her before.  She bout de place spray j fluid and dropping remarks she even have a new man in house already I mean he da sleeping in before George did dead.

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Esterring from lands down St Christopher ya can’t see good.

The funeral of the later George Blenman leaves tranquility 13 October 2016 at 11.15am for the chapel of west bury cemetery were relatives and friends are asked to meet for home going service for the interment at 12pm THE WIFE IS KINDLY ASK NOT TO ATTEND floral arrangements can be sent to tranquility chapel no later then 11 am by special request no viewing of the body.

George rest in peace.  Poor man married a brute.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. Lolololololol murrŕdaààa dat is bajan if I eva see um I just cannot stop laughing my belly hurting. Sorry for who can’t get it read but that’s extremely cleverly written good job writer lololol


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