John Marshall

John Marshall, T1138

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JOHN MARSHALL — Naked, there is a man in my district by the name of John Marshall.  He drives a blue van T 1138.  Naked, this man feels he is God’s gift to women.

Imagine this man has a rasta woman who lives in close neighborhood nearby and occasionally I can see him easing in women in the house at nights and taking them home early in the morning.  You believe this man has two young daughters and doing this s**t to women?  I promise to tell the rasta woman but I am afraid to because of her reactions due to the fact she just pass and speaks on her way in but Naked, everybody is saying the same thing about him … that he is a womanizer.

But all he has going for him is his house that he CAN’T even afford to pay to get finish.  All hours of the night he hammering in people ears.  Naked, I hope that she sees this and leaves him.   I swear that all I said here is true Naked.   Anonymous

Naked Departure


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4 thoughts on “John Marshall, T1138”

  1. what gale have to do is to pay her rent and stop minding pp bussines
    the man comes home and works on his house
    you should take a leaf out his book and start building on and stop depending on welfare


  2. First thing first I hate to see these sort of things on here what business it is of yours if he can’t pay to finish the house at least he like he trying to do it himself you sound like u wish u was one of the women


  3. Get a life nosey parker. as you said it is HIS HOUSE. You vex because he aint “ease you in” too? The rasta woman does not live at his house. Also kudos to him in trying to get a home as a young black man and not shacking up at a woman paying her bills, supporting other men’s children or liming on the block. It is no crime if he f-ooping women once he is protecting himself. At least he aint easing in buller men. Then again why should he have to ease in somebody it is his damn house.

    My advice to this fella if he is reading this is maintain your comfort zone and do not take on unnecessary burdens you did not create.


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