Jupiter Hammon, did you know….?

AFRICAN HISTORY (Naked Departure) — IF THERE were a time people were born into slavery (and history says there was such a time), then that time still exists.  Only thing is, they are calling SLAVERY by another name.  They’ve added essence to the mix.  It does not (and should not) make sense to believe that something that worked so well would not still exist!

How do you know (how can you identify) if you are a slave (for people who are very confused)?  What happenings exist on your local landscape (the Earth/Hell) that would/should make this information readily available in your mind?  You know you are born into slavery if there are words in your lexicon such as: genocides, wars, capitalism, politicians/government, church/religions, money.

JUPITER HAMMON:  On this date, in 1711, Jupiter Hammon was born a slave in Long Island, NY.  He was the first African American to be published in colonial America.


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4 thoughts on “Jupiter Hammon, did you know….?”

  1. Watch the hidden colors series and also 13th for more illusion-shattering information. These should be compulsory viewing for black children, not cinderella and pinocchio


  2. History that was/ is never taught in our Schools because they want us to believe we came from the dirt jungle just like the media portrays up to today! We Ruled Empires & had wealth beyond belief. We’re lost because we don’t know a fraction of our Glourious History.


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