No Funeral for Chris Hawkesworth

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, there was no Funeral for Chris Hawkesworth.  His wife decided to cremate on Friday.  Mixed feelings…being killed by a friend, under constant scrutiny, plus it seems like the money well might be a little dry.

Poor Kim, who can you trust…his family did not like her, hope they let her and the family stay in that big house in Rock Dundo.

Ya try to warn ya husband since he come home about Philip G but he ain wanna hear.  Let go ya anger do…he done gone already.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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15 thoughts on “No Funeral for Chris Hawkesworth”

    1. Minister Michael Lashley and his drug buddy Nigel. Pinder aka Bounty who drives a blue n whit car MY 494 and his bleach out maingey face woman Gail Brathwaite flying out to USA every minute


  1. FYI it’s cheaper to be cremated cause you can rent stuff as opposed to buy. Also if you need no fanfare you can just do a cremation no service nothing for just over $3000 as a matter of fact they would do you like an overcooked rotisserie chicken and just put your ashes where the family wants


  2. Pay attention wunna, the police in Barbados letting the criminals kill one another, and the police continue to be the biggest gang members in Barbados. They looking at the one in St Philip next, once the man protecting he is voted out.


  3. Listen to me I know Christopher Hawksworth and his family gud gud gud, de mudda, de brothers, de sista, de wife, evabody. His mother was living at Chris house long before his wife even knew chris, she curse the mother constantly and made her leave bout how she want to live off of Chris. She curse de brothers and put them in court and say they try to come and beat her, won’t let them come to look for their mother and move in her whole family to live there. Kim, she ain’t no good, nasty minded, Neva did cared about Chris only de money.


  4. What’s the point of giving all that money away for fanfare for the living, over a person who done dead? If them in a pine box them gonna be uncomfortable? If you spend a mill it gonna bring them back? You cannot disrespect or offend a corpse. The still living relatives esp. children need that money more than any funeral director. Most of these people bout here have no religion or spirituality anyway, living or dead.
    Often the ideas of culture and tradition are used to program people to give up their wealth. A funeral, a wedding, a birth, crop over, independence, xmas, now shopping for easter (lol), summer vacation, back to school… if you buy into it every single thing does lef ya brek.


  5. The person that wrote this story is a full idiot. In case you didn’t a cremation in Barbados is just as expensive as a funeral! It has nothing to do with if money limited.


  6. Good Morning (CEO) NAKED DEPARTURE NETWORK! NO Funeral Sound’s Good! He have Live a Life Of Fanfare already ! doesn’t need’s anymore, and by the way , it doesn’t matter’s if the Family of Her Husband Like or Love her , Her husband did Love her and his Children, thats what matters, the house is the Wife and Children Official Home ! No family Member can have any authority over the Wife home. NONE!!!


  7. His family has good reason to dislike Kim, he did not listen to his family. RIP.

    That foolish boy charged with murder should talk.


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