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Schools in Barbados Designed to DESTROY Children

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MINISTRY OF DESTRUCTION and MIS EDUCATION — Naked, there is no one you can talk to in this country.  I am so glad we have you.  We can come here and tell it as it is, complain and sleep knowing you are safe and not be victimized.  I am glad there’s such a place even some may think whatever, but one day we all will need such a place.

Naked, I was brought up in this school systems and it’s one of the places that still have the slave masters’ mentally down pressing the oppressed.

Naked, I didn’t have much of an education but I want the best for my child and not only in education but a loving, caring environment free to express and not be ashamed of who you are to accept others for who they are and respect of your elders.

Naked, no one is speaking about the way our primary school children are treated in school in Barbados.  It seems I am out of touch.  I hope some of your readers would give their inputs on their experience.  I does wonder if I am the only person seeing what’s going on.

Our school children are cursed by teachers, maids, school meals workers, guards call out their names, shout at and drag back by a collar, beaten for silly things like walking between two talking teachers and not asking for an excuse.   (ARE THEY NOT CIVIL SERVANTS?)  When I have to take my child to school, fear sets in, pain in tummy and shaking.  When you go on the school compound to conduct business, you can hear the bawling of teachers at the children.  YOU SIT DOWN, GET OUT MY FACE.  When I ask my son what happening here at your new school that was not happening at your private school, some of the things I find very disturbing are: big head, you black boy, stupid boy, go from in front of me, she pelts the books in the dust bin if she is not satisfied with the work, she tells them they couldn’t do the homework because ya all on de block all hours.

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My son is six.  She tells them don’t bring your parents up here in my face cause she would insult them cause you all are retards.   I wanted to go and see the teacher but my son pleaded with tears in his eyes say if I do she will take it out on him and pleaded with me not too.  He sees what happened with one of his classmates.

I wanted to bring it up at a PTA but couldn’t.  It’s seems like this was not the place.  I spoke to a parent and she said this is the norm.  Her daughter was like my son and she had to get with it.  One day my son forget his lunch and I got at his class door it was like a boot camp for wayward kids.  She saw me at the door and she ignored me until she couldn’t have me intruding on her charade.  I greeted the teacher heartily with good morning miss excuse my interruption I am …… and she interrupt my greetings:  “what can I do for you”, in a very abrupt tone.  She took the bag and fling it on a desktop and back me and walked away.  (IS SHE NOT A CIVIL SERVANT?)

I felt I was leaving my son at Dodds.  I walked away with a lump.  Everybody thinks it’s ok to treat children in the most hostile ways and expect then to be caring and loving adults.

Since my son has gone to public school his personality has changed.  We had a few bed wetting, he is not as expressive, suggestive and he is reluctant to go out to socialize.  I have noticed his attitude to work has change and spiraling downhill. I can’t afford to send him back to private school.  I had suggested to parados about taking programs to school for teachers.  That too didn’t work out.  Naked, thank you.  Anonymous

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15 thoughts on “Schools in Barbados Designed to DESTROY Children”

  1. I concur with the writer. School children are treated terribly by so called teachers and principals. A primary perpetrator of this crime is Sandie Worrell of the eden lodge primary school. She does speak to people children like they are animals and have no feelings. Can hardly wait for these e monsters to reach retirement and go along home so somebody can treat them like hogs. We seem to forget karma but it is real. Perhaps that’s the only comfort in life… Knowing that if you treat people with love and respect, you will get it bk. And if you treat them like dogs, u will in your old age b treated like a dog.

    The worst part is that these monster teachers and principals, more often than not, do not have children and so have no maternal instinct. They should be working in a sty with hogs especially ugly big mouth black sandy worrel…


  2. This is all true my son was a victom to this kind of behavior from a few teachers at st. George primary I’m not afraid to say the schools name because he is no longer there. From nursery class rite up teachers are saying the most hurtful things to these kids. My son had a minor problem and I told his class teacher one day he said to my son” when u grow up u gine work at a Gas Station and pump gas” I told my son go back to school and tell him with out a gas attendant he can’t get gas to drive e his car” teachers shout at children as though they are dogs.i had spoken to the principal about the remarks from the teacher to my son the principal said the teacher was never say something like that.u get no satisfaction from some of these principal.there is a teacher at that same school and we were talking and she told me that some of her colleagues at the school treats people children really bad and she couldn’t send her child there to be reached by them. My son’s grades drop from 80’s 70’s n90’s to 30’s n 40’ at his new school the teachers there are trying so hard with him to get him to the level he is suppose to be at I’m glad I moved him from that school. So many people transfer there children from that school with in the past 3 yrs saying all sorts of bad things about the way the teacher are. Where are all the good teachers gone. Most of them are retired like my aunty even she herself feels bad to see how children are treated these days.


  3. There’s a video on YouTube named I sued the school system I think each and everyone one of us should watch it please do


  4. Everything the writer said is true… Our children are being abused daily by the so called educators whose only aim is to destroy our children’s sense of worth and value. Thats y we as parents have to hug our children, tell them they are special no matter what anyone thinks of them and that Jesus loves them daily. Most of these teachers especially the females have no children or any affection gfor children. Thats y they treat children as if they are objects. Eden Lodge primary in particular has some of the meanest teachers you can think of. They are afraid of the witch head Sandy Worrell who herself has no children and treats children like they are nothing. She has no children and does not love children and so shouldn’t be in the teaching systey. She should b working on a farm with pigs and chickens, not with tomorrow’s leaders. I, personally, am speaking up for my children even if they are victimized and ostracized as a result of me speaking up for them. Yet we wonder y some young people resort to violent behavior later on in life…. Hmmm


  5. Gloria Bryan she was de hug of de Hugs this woman was a blasted hughuman.She treated the people children like little hugs but what ya expect from a barren woman .she look like a witch ,she talk bout how bad de children .And would question de children about the parent business and then get at de PTA and tell de parents your child tell me you got a man coming through the window when he father go work,and point out these people ,she told a couple ya daughter tell me she does hear mommy and daddy crying and groaning at night ,and when she ask a child why he sleeping on de desk he tell her his mommy and she boy friend makings de bed keep noses and he can’t sleep at night.and de PTA does be breaking down .
    She was somthing else.when it came to elections she use to had pick who she wanted to be this and that .she use to use she witch finger and call de children “YOU A MEAN YOU ,”This is one head teacher who use to speak bad bad .she has gone home and miserable as she can’t abuse children that was doing for years .


  6. My lady; try and grow some balls mannn! What lessons are you actually teaching your child by fleeing away in fear from a human just like yourself. This is not a criticism directed at you, but this is the very problem most bajans face.

    So what if your son is autracise, it will teach him problem solving, he will learn about bullying etc, you get my drift – I hope!
    You will not be the first nor the last to move a child to another school from a rude and repugnant teacher or teachers. STAND UP FOR YOUR CHILD, he will respect you for it.


  7. The principle of the garrison is not well like by her staff . I had a experience with the head teacher at de garrison school my daughter got into a fight and I try calling the counselor the year head and miss Brathwaite at the school to averted this fight but all was in a meeting .i however got to speak to someone in the ministry but the message was not transferred. the Sunday before the young lady call my home threatening to lick in my daughter a… I spoke to the little girl not get her self in trouble she said my daughter was disrespecting her on social media.. I also spoke to my daughter .The day of the she said the girl was beating on her the whole day and she felt like a fool and she retaliated that was not an excused for me and I trash her back side any how to make along story short the fight took place 20/10/14/my daughter was suspended and not the other child .when I returned to the school after the two weeks suspension without the child because she had contracted chickengonya that principle was very disrespectful to me and my husband she insulted us and turned us away.all because we didn’t bring the sick child with us .she thought it was convenient that the child was sick she dismissed us with out one word from us .she call on the phone next morning and ask us to come that morning a Friday the child was in civilian clothes she dismissed us again before leaving I told her I could return because I was leaving the island for a few weeks she refused to hear me out .she did not know us but she put us in a daughter has move on and that little girl she fought with is constantly in fights sent to Edna Nichols center and probation office twice a week .she was the same child from garrison that was in the video that went viral that beat the child from Harrison college in the bus terminal .l beleave that principle wanted to make a name for her self ,she was now in Mr Farley shadow The moral of the story is don’t judge people with your slave masters mentally.


  8. It’s a sad sad day in Barbados when our children cry on deaf ears , every person with chalk in hand is not a teacher just like every big head don’t make you a head teacher.look most human beings would rather play then to go to work if I will choose a profession that gets lots of holidayit will be teaching,so some of these teachers are not about teaching or caring .these children are being abuse verbally and physically.
    WShe have them control not to tell what threats .these children are suffering not only these one mention here but almost all school .Mr Jones before de people vote you out ,do something remember you have a young one coming up but then again ,you will be a millionaire by de next elections de way de pocketian going ,
    Use these vacations to teach teacher how to look out for psychological disorders how to handle the difficult child and things of that sorted and how to handle they man stress and menapause .give them six weeks a year and weed out the lazy long vacation .


  9. Madam, i concur with every word you say. It is only a matter of time before a parent take the law into their hands again. Teachers are evil and wicked.


  10. I’m wondering how many more horror stories are necessary for people to stand against something. Whatever the issue is we done hear a thousand horror stories about it. I would have to get my child out that school if they won’t change it. Who feel that good enough, das dem ting, dem deserve what they get. I couldn’t sit and allow my child to be subjected to that simply because the others are willing to subject theirs to it, especially given the effects on him already. How long will he endure? I know how it is; we each know things must change and would like others to stand with us, but we each also have to know for ourselves and our own. One day it reaches a point where one has to act on their own, regardless of the cost, or what the others do/think, and therein begins change. It has to start with someone. Someone has to be the first, the one maybe the others will take courage from. The solution to all problems with the system is simple: as a whole, do not give them whatever it is that they desire until you get what you desire, as a whole.


  11. IT! sounds to me like a TERRORIST TRAINING CAMP ! Not a BOOT CAMP I Say Name the School and the Teacher ,on this Network ! Let’s Save the Children and Killed the TERRORIST! No Further Protection for them,while the Children Suffered in Silence.That’s the Problem ,we as adult’s have to intervene for the Children, it’s they only hope! Do Not Negotiate with TERRORIST!


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