Freundel Stuart

Freundel Stuart is a Fool

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) –Naked, I here sitting in ma shed roof listening to ma prime minister de honorable fondell.  He say we got a lot to be thankful for.  I would like him to tell me one thing that them do to make me thankful for.

In all ma born days since mazy and archabul bring ma on this earth I never saw life so hard.  Wake up to de radio fruition play de national anthem.  A roll ma padding and get ma bucket to go and bring water to wash ma face and hand.  When I splash de first hand full of water on ma face I realized it was 2016 and I was dreaming.  I really thought I was in de 50s we going backwards ya.

Calling out Bajans to boycott this play house thing de prime minister calling 50th celebration.  Fa true we suffering but ha and he in hideing all these months garbage water roads health murders not a blasted word from he and he got a show to put and he calling we out.

Don’t let wanah children stand up in no hot sun holding na chain link I praying fa rain, influence ya friends ya sister ya bro mothers boyfriend ya baby mother ya neighbors not to get involved.  Look and see around the bush that around us it isn’t getting clean and our taxes so high coming to de November 30th it will be clean for incomers.

Barbados is being sold, water next transportation health.  Look at the polyclinic no up keep of the buildings these governments don’t care about its people’s every body should have copy of the odictor general report.

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De prime minister come not see it fit to address the country with water problems and the people crying every day for de children can’t drink a glass of cold water in these records breaking hot days have to put back up pit toilets to shite pun shite reather then water ya accustomed too.

Can’t sleep crime got ya frighten garbage back up.  So much so I can t making us sick rats and flies and he haven’t seen it to address us on these concerns but you come to sing praises to masters kitchens house slave color girl who belong to a friend of your and to announcing Robin will be sing the anthem.

Sing ma girl but in New York call off at de last minute and Meck da shame, this to low for you.  Da don’t even got da self together BOYCOTT!

Bad boys get in action.   Anonymous (verbatim)

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Freundel Stuart is a Fool”

  1. Violet C Heckles !
    Ya! Hitting Like Thunder ya Spot On , this is what our Government Should allowed ,free Speech ,it’s Called Democracy ! Not Hypocrisy.


    1. Heres free speech fruendel is not a fool in my own words and my opinion hes a educated c–t


  2. 50 years of crime this is why no matter how hard you work or try you just cant move stuck in mud like snow . The more you move the deeper you go, When you study the money tree you end up with lawyers and Minister running away with the Bank , NIS , VAT and TAXES all gone to those working on land projects, no 4 seasons, no Hyatt, no UDC,no NHC,no tax returns,no QEH care no history,all re written to match the crimes, All you have to do is your homework , No freedom of information for it will show up all the crooks , crimes and a waste of time at UWI, control and owned by the Queens agents, These same people can show you history of Slavery, Men, women, children from 1620, 1720,1820 and 1913, but nothing from 1916 to 1966 to 2016, this is the time span missing to that reveal the crimes, 1985 to 2016 records missing hidden from sight and replace with lies fed to the people. 1966-2016 slavers and slavery was the plan , After slavery the people once again the people sit and look for ex slave masters to show us the way once again , The new Masters are the DBLP , lawyers and the new whites they put in place once again, reject the made up history you are being fed,land fraud is the cause and the cover is the pain we are feeling now.


  3. WHAT !make me Smile’s is this , not criticising the Author ! IF the PRIME MINISTER SPEAK ! would it Change the Tide on the Ground by just Comfortable Word’s and Promise’s ,like the Past 8 year’s or you Prefer the Government to WORK ,For Our Hard Earned Money ! In the remaining 2 year’s left ! and they haven’t Work for the 95% Black’s in the 8 waisted year’s in Government , those year’s were Spent enriching the WHITE’S and THEMSELVES! If it haven’t been done in 8 Year’s it Can’t be done in 2 Year’s.


  4. It’s true, and it appears that the only solution their narrow minds can fathom to every problem that government created or exacerbated is to direct money to the same set of people (how coincidental), while the quality of life for the rest deteriorates in every meaningful aspect; wealth, health, peace of mind and body, respect, and most especially freedom. Now they silent, and when they talk to the people they do so as if they’re on some distant pedestal and we have no right to question them, and nothing is their responsibility.
    Anyone who supports this 50 years of dependence deserves 50 more. The 1% would love that of course, because they know what they got out of it. Wha you got to show?


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