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Massy Stores Produce Facility

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I wrote you already but things are not getting any better, in fact, working conditions have declined.

You know we get letters you can’t harass nobody at work no more but these letters three years too late. Naked, Lydia used to call me in de office and tell me some of the most hurtful things, if we didn’t have a male supervisor that I could have confide in, I would have suffered in silence like at least two other staff members that I know of.  She would call my partner at home and tell them everything I did at work.  I told no one other than the supervisor as I realized that she is very vindictive and I am fairly sure he told no one.

Naked, we need help.  Going to the manager is time wasting, going to the HR manager/director is even worst, she is so fake she mek counterfeit like the real mccoy.  If you are not one of their chosen few you wasting time, we supposed to have a one on one with her that would never happen they scared to hear the kinds of things that happen here.

Naked I got de last staff meeting recorded I wanted to post it here only thing it got in somebody calling my name.  Don’t keep no meeting and tell me bout no cellphone policy chrisman does be on his everyday and nobody don’t tell he nothing .

This ain’t all yet I got two more on my memory stick to send.  I can’t spell so good so my cousin does sort me out.

Send some help for we Naked, we really need it.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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  1. WE love ya ,send the information ! I was thinking what it is ,that could have damage Barbadians Brain cells , and Cause’s them to EAT! they Owned and EMBRACED the ENEMY! What Could it be ! no bomb was dropped on the Island! Could it be the Education System that thought us to be EMPLOYEES Rather than EMPLOYER’S ! Could it be teaching us about Christopher Columbus’ ,and how important White People are ,and never thought us how Special the black race really are .what is ITT!


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