"Oh my Rh...."  video Picture

“Oh my Rh….” School Children Fighting in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — VIDEO and AUDIO — HAD I NOT LIVED, had I not seen with my very own eyes, I would not have believed!!  I have taken the time to record the audio clip of the video, in case it is removed from Facebook.

BARBADOS IS GONE!!  The lab and the experiment in Barbados of turning humans into slaves persist in Barbados to this very day.  It was like watching animals in a ZOO.  It’s like being at the circus and being entertained!  “Oh my rh, oh my rh, oh my rh….”

Who is uttering those words?  Will he one day run for political office and hold a position of power?  Sheri Veronica of Naked Departure (Photo: Internet)

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7 thoughts on ““Oh my Rh….” School Children Fighting in Barbados”

  1. THESE! Children just displaying what they see daily by our adult’s in this Country ! and in this Wicked World! remember recently on this Network
    two women were fighting in a Hospital over a Man ! a lot of these said Children are in serious broken home’s where this behavior is displayed daily, remember a Minister pulled a Gun on another one in Parliament ! remember the recent assassination’s ,that is displayed to the World ! We the adult’s behavior have to Change first if we want to see our Children behavior Change. Show me One Private School where you see this activity ,it have a lot to do with the Home’s these Children are raised
    Let’s be honest ! With Our selves today!


  2. Then a man has to get one of these young black *hores and call her his ‘Queen’ look for some place to put she and act like she is a f-king saint so that some one can call him a ‘good man’ ….Kiss ma RH dooo. No wonder men bulling cuz the young women aint nutten at all….


  3. What a crying disgrace. Thank the young boy for helping tear these girls apart to stop them from tearing up themselves and thank the other adults who chipped in. Someone has to show this video to Jones to take NON-action and also the principals of the schools where the children is supposed to learn. They are known by the uniform they wear.


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