Roger Hill

Roger Hill of Nassco Limited

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, So Roger Hill saying there is no undue scrutiny of Toyota vehicles. The Honourable Minister was right to put him in his place.  Michael Lashley and the Barbados Licensing Authority are ensuring that all Toyota vehicles being sold are indeed legitimate, after all, Roger Hill is well aware that his company Nassco Limited was responsible for issuing several valuations for GHOST CARS in 2013/2014 which enabled persons to obtain loans from financial institutions and which led to the arrest of Rodney Wilkinson.

Roger Hill you should keep your mouth shut and let the world think you are a fool rather than open it and remove all doubt.  Have you taken action against your Sales Executives or persons who got loans?  Or is it true that you personally benefited financially from the massive fraud?  After all, word is that you instructed your Sales Executives to do the valuations and then fired them after.

Keep up the good work Naked Departure.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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28 thoughts on “Roger Hill of Nassco Limited”

  1. Oh Thomas Harris, you finally gathered the tiny balls to call names, you are kind of slow, that tells me something I posted on here scared the hell out of you and Peter Harris yesterday, got you scared shitless, I am going to review these posts later today, see what scared you and act on it this week.

    Watch out for those glasses houses you too little nonentities, they are breakable and will be smashed to smithereens. .


  2. Thomas, you dont sound so sure anymore, you are realizing the intent is really to crush Peter Harris, I told you I will smash your glass houses, doubt me, try me.


  3. You will see who is the loser Thomas Harris, no intelligent lawyer wants anything to do with Peter Harris and his personal injury cases of robbing injured bajans.

    Just last week two lawyers were talking about the bribe Peter Harris offered the Jamaican lawyer Amilcar Branche to sell out an injured claimant’s case, but I will check and see if that case is still active and find that claimant, you will see who is the loser then, you common class thieves.


  4. Are you forgetting Thomas the Thief, that we were all in on the scams against Bajans together, or you would now nothing about it, and Peter Harris, being the dishonest thief that he is in trying to control and monopolize everything decided to undercut so he could steal millions more, using the supreme court to carry out his crikinal scams legally.

    Peter tried the same thiefing scam with his business partners who helped him with seed money to start up CGI Insurance, the same Bruce and Edmund Bayley he tried to rob.

    None of you or Peter Harris would be anything without the lawyers in Barbados.

    You should be glad you had us and David Simmons to guide you, but it’s great you can now expose the same lawyers you and Peter Harris need to keep you both out of prison, in doing so though, you are exposing Peter’s ongoing criminal activities, do you think there is enough money to bribe DPP Leacock to cover up all of that, now that it is all out in the open.


    1. Poor Pat, over the last 5 years you have lost it both financially, professionally and mentally. Check with us and we’ll offer you a package. A few nights at Bayview, a seeder loan and a few personal injury cases (which Peter has already offered you and you have graciously accepted). Would this be enough to get you back on your feet l ungrateful loser?


  5. Not nasty stories Thomas Harris, the nasty TRUTH, now causing you and Peter Harris many sleepless nights, get some sleeping medication to help with your now chronic insomnia.

    You cannot get away from me you wicked thieves.


    1. Uncle Pat, Peter and I are wishing you a reflective weekend. Remember the days you used to be in the Waterfront Cafe on a Friday and bragging about the millions you SCAMMED every year from false claims with the help of Hagley Clarke? Remember the $12,000 ICB cheque you forgot to cash because you were rolling in money. Remember the time you came to Peter to sell out one of your clients behind their back??? You are a nasty scamp. And now you now playing holier than thou. Give me a effing break. You are scum. You were the problem. Your false claims drove up the premiums for every insured driver in Barbados. For every employer with employee liability insurance. Now that CGI and Peter have undermined your scam and exposed your ass, you are screaming blue murder. CGI and Peter need to be thanked by all those insured for keeping down general insurance premiums for all Barbadians, because they were not afraid to take on the likes of you. You thought because of your QC and family name CGI and Peter would have been afraid of you. You were obviously wrong on this count, like you are wrong on so many other counts with my family. You hate Peter because he did the right thing and in the process you are financially hurting. God does not sleep, he does not like ugly. You start off wrong you going to end up wrong. There is a lot more to tell on you. You rapist, woman beater, crook and scam artist. The Truth, you are becoming increasingly insignificant in the insurance claims business and very soon will become non existent. I’ll continue to pray for you.


  6. Thomas scared Harris, is that the best that you can do, does Peter Harris not demand sex froom ALL his females employees, in exchange to keep their jobs, in case you don’t know coke head, that is RAPE, does he not take underage girls out on his yacht for sex Thomas, again that is STATUTORY RAPE, forcing female employees to have sex to keep their jobs, many of them with children to feed, many of them would like to leave their jobs but cannot afford to that iis RAPE, esxual discrimination, sexual coercion, trafficking in gurls abd women, prostitution.

    It seems like you are forgetting the srtip club Odd Thomas….whoring out young girls and women is not exactly viewed as being an upstanding citizen and is particularly disgusting whennyou have daughters.

    The females at CGI Insurance only stopped dressing as whores to go to work after Peter was exposed on ND as the sexual sadists he is, even CGI he turned into a whorehouse, why do you think you have to be in ND pimping around every day, all day, trying to effect damage control.

    Why dont you bring photos crackhead Thomas Harris, the proof will be in the photos, Peter was already exposed in ND for his sexual psychosis.

    Petrr Harris not paying injured claimants is stealing from injured people, not paying claimants with damaged vehicles is stealing from them, playing slick, nasty games in the supreme court to avoid paying compensation is STEALING.

    Looks like you are not sleeping well Thomas,, gud dear, what’s bothering you. .lol


  7. You cannot throw stones looking out of your glass house Thomas Harris, Peter Harris is a well known serial abuser of women, he is documented as using them likes he uses deodorant.

    You on the other limp hand, people are warned to hide their underage sons when you are around.

    Glass houses Thomas, glass houses, I will smash yours to pieces.


    1. Your nasty stories soon going to be all over ND. A young lawyer who recently left your chambers has been talking openly about your worthless nasty ways. I heard you beat the hell out of her immediately after she was forced by you to open her long legs for you. The shocked young lady then asked you for an explanation. You then told her that you enjoy pelting a few cuffs and slaps after you get some sweet p. That was the last time she had anything to do with you. She promptly returned to Whitepark road collected her files and left you high and dry. You want more? There is a lot more dirt on you my friend. Trust me, a lot more. You are the lowest scum this side of heaven. You are not only a serial rapist but you are also a well known physical abuser of the ladies. Many a woman has told their story and are willing to come forward. So many women cannot be wrong about you or Donald Trump. Both of you are in the same effing boat. You just annoyed because Peter and CGI brought an end to your thiefing ways. They stopped you from raping the insurance industry. Something you have done fir years. So you no longer raking in the millions you used to go around bragging about. Blasted sour grapes. Just pray that I don’t have to sic my many dogs on your over the hill a—-. You messing with the wrong man. Now run along you piece of sh— with your tail between your legs, before I reveal it all on ND. I have my facts all lined up and I do not have to wait until February 2017 to put it all out there. I’m very sure you do not have yours as you are claiming, because there is nothing to reveal. Peter as usual sends his kind regards. Both if us will continue to pray for your stinking sorry a—.


  8. Get a grip Thomas, you are starting to lose it.

    I really thought you were made of stronger, sterner stuff, with all that boasting and bragging you started off with, the strong C student remember.

    What happened in the last couple days to change that Thomas.

    Take it easy, we still got months to go. I want you in good condition for when I really start cutting up,.


  9. Thomas Harris and yet you cant stay away, you need a clue, go ask Peter Harris which plaintiff’s attorney he bribed to destroy an injured person’s case, it kinda backfired, it may take him weeks to remember who he tried that vile trick with, so many scummy little attorneys in Barbados willing to sell out their injured clients, so much scum to wade through.

    What Peter the briber did not know is, someone got that attorney on tape.

    It’s well known Peter Harris likes to tape other people


  10. Thomas Harris, well stop the “lies” why don’t you, no use pouting like a 5 year old, you got the DPP and police to lock up whomever you want on the island, according to you and Peter Harris, so stop the “lies” from coming out why don’t you.

    When you see February 2017 comes and I start posting documents with Peter Haaris’ lawyers Lesley Haynes and Leslie Roberts’ letterhead to various blogs…. you will have plenty opportunity to explain why it looks more and more like the truth.


  11. Thomas Harris, i know the cocaine got your brain addled aftervyesrs if misuse and abuse, but do not flatter yourself, you or none of your family impress me, I am not impressed by or with Peter Harris. Thieves and con artists do not impress me.

    My concern are with the people Peter Harris has victimized, taken advantage of, lied on, the parasite he is on the supreme court, misusing and abusing it, jamming it up with unnecessary cases that can easily be settled and disposed of t8o ease the system, injured people he could pay out instead of spending the same money or more in a bid to avoid paying people who are injured.

    Taximen with damaged cars he refuses to pay, his own policyholders, he may pay some money and refuse to ever pay the balance, he has been doing that for years, even lawyers he drags their accident cases out for 10 years or more refusing to pay them all their money, the scum would perfer use the money to clog up the court system than to pay it out, then call himself a business man, he is just a fraud Thomas, so do not fool yourself, no one would be impressed by or envy a fraud and his house of cards…bigger frauds have fallen, Peter Harris is a small fraud.

    I would not want the blight either of you are carrying around on your backs, I like my shadow clean.


  12. Mr. B, while my investments are making me an income, here are you on ND wasting space. Why are you so obsessed with Peter, me, CGI and the Harrises. Obsessions are unhealthy. Is it true that you are obsessed with Mount Gay white? You are one very sick man. The more you run your mouth on ND, sicker you appear. I’ll continue to pray fir you loser.


  13. Why do you think Peter Harris blackmailed and pressured the old white woman into selling him the Honda franchise for 10 million dollars, he knows there are many scams to run using a car dealership and combined with his CGI Insurance fraud company, he would continue to have a lock on the supreme court to disenfranchise bajans until he is old, gray and walking with a stick or walker or in a wheelchair.


  14. Yes Thomas Harris, you and Peter Harris believe black bajans are stupid slaves and too stupid to know that they have been, disrespected, maligned, mistreated, left to suffer and left with damaged vehicles by Peter Harris and CGI Insurance for 20 years for his own self-enrichment.

    You feel the black people, judges, chief justice, lawyers you do not own are too stupid to know that Peter uses the judiciary as a whorehouse to avoid paying injured and suffering black people compensation for their injuries…everyone else is stupid except you and Peter Harris, right Thomas.

    You frauds for INDIANS like you and Peter Harris doing business in Barbados only publicy acknowledge you are black when you want to get your hands on their money to steal and disadvantage them….you just ran out of day, you will be dealt with you scum of the earth.


  15. Thomas Harri’s
    If you want Barbadians to support the Only Local Black Car Dealership in Barbados ! You first have to tell your brother to treat Us the Barbadian Public and their Injuries with the Up most Urgency and Respect ! who have been Injured by Vehicle’s his Company Insured .it’s motto late for him to do the wright this ! the Word would Spread.


  16. Do not buy cars in Barbados, the roads are too bad.

    Thonas Harris stop pimping for sales for your fraud brother Peter Harris, I am sure he will offer them a year’s free insurance with his fraud insurance company CGI Insurance and when they have an accident, get killed or severely injured and have to be paid compensation, the fraud that is CGI Insurance will hire dirty lawyers to send them legal documents calling them MALINGERERS and tie uup the case in the supreme court for years, as usual..

    “Racist white people”…Thomas Harris you ungrateful so and so, did Peter Harris not get his start in the insurance industry from bajan white Bruce Bayley’s father, when they raided the insurance company that the 3 of them worked at in the early 90s..stole the money and started the insurance company at the house in River Road, then changed the name to CGI Insurance. people are such nasty snakes, ungrateful and not to be trusted, no wonder Bruce stays far away from Peter after Peter robbed him..

    Do not buy cars from Platinum Motors, apart from it being started with laundered money, you do not know what you will be getting.

    Thomas, the guy who manages Platinum Motors for Peter Harris is a white Trinidadian right, why did he not hire a black manager, but you want black people to buy his inferior quality cars though.

    Peter Harris and his family want chasing out of Barbados, have you ever met such dangerous liars and hypocrites.


  17. Oh lord don’t talk about mcenearney all they do is mash up your car and charge you a pound and a crown. Never again i buy a vehicle from up there unless that entire operation gets over hauled starting from that igrunt service manager


  18. Yes Roger good question regarding your bonus payments.
    Most car dealships doing these secret deals.
    Gordon Spencer sale manager from MQI bought my wife’s car himself and sold it private to make a profit, depriving the company. I reported this to Alex mccenearny.


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