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Tonya Morris of Republic Bank

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — TONYA MORRIS — Dear Naked, I would like Barbados/Bajans to know about this woman by the name of Tonya Morris of Gemswick, St Phillip.  She works at Republic Bank, Broad Street and with her fancy great self.

She married or was married to alcoholics anonymous Kory Morris of TMR Services.

Naked, don’t be fooled …the poor-great woman is a walking rumor at the bank where she almost get she head lick off from another man she dealing with…little does the public know that this woman has been caught in the limelight with an employee of the same bank name Kevin Bostic.

The web gets nastier because Kevin has a woman in dey too…so Naked, it’s sad that she walking about acting like she is Miss Universe and half the bank knows and now Bim know uz a s******t ….   You should know we know the facts Naked.

Soon enough yuh ways will show who you really are — stained and tainted.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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7 thoughts on “Tonya Morris of Republic Bank”

  1. Jealous what? Over what? It don’t seem so to me… Let the tings come out do…. 😂 too many pretenders in this country


  2. Dis person Dat write dis story seems sad, wat d woman is doing have nuttin ta do with her, n really n truely ya cannot get d point ah dis story, d person Dat write dis is jealous


  3. Maybe you need to be poor great ya damn self, the jealous ass woman who wrote this shite on naked. At least they woman you wrote this about, has men who want her, who wants you anonymous writer? Right now you there alone with your plastic d…. and your lubricant, for your dried up ———–, all alone


  4. The managers are the worst. The old ones are perverted … The young ones feel that they know everything cause they have a degree. And the ones who sleep with people higher up feel that their bed will always be made. Some of the managers lack respect and confidentiality for their staff thinking they can be bought. Pretending to be nice isn’t the answer. Being genuine is what matters most. When u turn your good staff against u who are only few and have no support for u .. u have nothing left. U will always be on your own. What is glory when u have no one to share it with. That goes for the managers of Broad Street, Warrens, Wildey, Ind Square and Speightstown. It’s a pity the CEO is a respectable person to the staff and confidential and and his branch managers show him a good face but can’t show it to staff.


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