Body Care in Sheraton Mall

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, Body Care in Sheraton is the worst.  Derek Sealy the manager won’t stop messing with the women.

Right now this rasta girl Tara who works at Burger King and went school at the Garrison feels she owns the gym.  She can only sit up front in spin classes, always have attitude cause she’s the big one… well for now, lol.

She carries back stories to the same Derek.  She drives his car, her son calls him daddy and she won’t stop horning her child father Kirk Prescod who has 2 other boys.  Kirk thought Tara was the one …but weight come off and a different Tara emerged ….

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Tara goes to work and tells the supervisors how her child sick so she can come in a gym.  The people in the gym would like Derek to stop being so unprofessional and realize he’s running a business.  Every year people leaving cause they are fed up with his attitude and how he treats his members.

We are hoping that the owners in the UK will see this post and get rid of Derek Sealy.  Clearly this is not how a business should be operated.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Body Care in Sheraton Mall”

  1. but u know all now ppl in de country without water, the wait at the clinic, hospital and Government places long ic, school children engaging in sex but what bothers the writer most is a girl that lost weight and sits infront of a class and if she horning her child father or not. stupseeee


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