Imart Video

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked.  The video with the 2 imart girls was maliciously leaked to social media.  That video was done a while back.  One of the girls posted it on her personal page for the other girl’s birthday.

The BOSS saw the video somehow and reported it to the boss over her.  They were both handed termination letters.  I clearly don’t see why this video would blow up now.  These girls are usually very professional and give you good service as a pharmacist.  They know they stuff and are very helpful.

Yes it was silly on their part to do that at work regardless of making sport.  However Naked, these young ladies are no longer at Imart.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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7 thoughts on “Imart Video”

  1. I’m glad they got fired…women always get a pass for doing kunt …no more.. They do kunt cuz they know they young, their v—– is hot property and that a man or two is around to give them either money or access


  2. F’k eyemart…. Can’t believe wunna praising up a place that firing people so and feel it s funny… House Negroes …who knows what the france the owners of eyemart doing ?Stupesssssss do.. ignorant black bajans ..


  3. BOY ! O ! BOY !Two more bites the dust ! It’s Called the POWER! Of Social Media ! It Can also get you Killed ! Women like Posting to much Personal information ! that’s the problem! and I guess it’s a friend who maliciously posted ITT! You have Learned from your mistakes ! Ladies. THESE Episode’s Certainly given IMART! INTERNATIONAL #1 IN PRODUCT’S #1 IN CHOICE #1 IN QUALITY #1IN PRICE’S #1 IN SUPER STORE’S ! # 1 IN GLAMOROUS STAFF ! GREAT PUBLICITY! IMART YOU HAVE BEEN ELEVATED ON NAKED DEPARTURE NETWORK INTERNATIONAL ! #1 IN NEWS #1 IN VIEWS #1 IN BLOGGER’S ! POWER TO THE BLOGGER’S !
    19/10/2016 .BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! International !


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