Kwame Yearwood, Pus*y is Pus*y

Man Arrested in Sex Video said “Pus*y is Pus*y”

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KWAME EVERTON DASHAWN YEARWOOD — THE MAN arrested in relation to a sex video moving around on social media told police during questioning: “pus*y is pus*y”.  Kwame Everton Dashawn Yearwood, 17 years, of Grove Tenantry, St. George, was arrested for the offence of Serious Indecency which was committed during the month of September 2016. At the tender age of 17, he is mastering a subject highly prized in Barbados: MISOGYNY!  He knew he was being video taped and he knew he was putting the young child in danger of being shamed and exposed on pornographic sites.  He did not care.  Pus*y is pus*y said the misogynist!

Young men must understand that the ultimate in betrayal is betraying the feminine, because to betray ‘her’ is to betray himself.

WHEN is Barbados going to create (via law) a SEX OFFENDER  REGISTRY?  WHEN?!!  How many children have to suffer at the hands of pedophiles before the AGE OF CONSENT is raised to 18 and PEDOPHILES handed 30-year-jail sentences and added to the Barbados  SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY?

All the long talk about and wasted money spent on 50 years of DEPENDENCE and still there’s a pedophile in every home, on every street corner, on every bus, in every building…. and the hatred of women and children, even after 50 years of FAKE independence, continues in Barbados.   Naked Departure

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THE STORY (via BarbadosToday):  Police have held a male suspect in connection with a “sex” video which has been circulating on social media showing a schoolgirl being coerced by a young man into performing various sex acts.  Public Relations Officer Acting Inspector Roland Cobbler also revealed to Barbados TODAY this afternoon that criminal charges were expected to be laid later this week.  The development comes a day after the principal of one secondary school and the parent of the teenage girl at the centre of the investigation were both contacted by police.  Yesterday, the Deputy Director of the Child Care Board Denise Nurse also confirmed that the child protection agency was looking into the matter and was prepared to provide counselling to the girl as required.  The video shows the young man exposing himself to the girl, who resisted his numerous attempts to put his hand up her skirt and to force her into various sex acts, including oral sex.  At one point, the male, who was dressed in a red shirt with three quarter jeans and a blue cap, also reached into his black haversack and pulled out a condom, but this was met with more refusal on the part of the girl.  The three-minute video was apparently shot from a peep hole in an area, which Barbados TODAY was unable to independently identify, even though there were unconfirmed reports that it was shot some where in Queen’s Park, The City.  Since then, Barbados TODAY has obtained a copy of a second video, showing a different girl and boy engaging in sexual intercourse at the same location, which according to officials appears to be a popular location for such acts.

34 thoughts on “Man Arrested in Sex Video said “Pus*y is Pus*y””

  1. i hope someone do the same thing to you in prison, come in your face and harrass, you and demand sex, see how you like it. I hope you stay in prison with that same guy that rape the little girl. They really do need a sex registry, because i dont know if its the hot sun or what, or low education, but some men both old and young needs to be in prison for all this sexual assault and rapes. Dont the girl have big brothers who could just beat him up if he gets bail.


  2. MR ADRIAN ST JOHN, you are just as stupid as i, some one else also said she been there on her own free will, which is true he did lift her up tie her up or drag her there, reality is reality, so dont bother bout my men on pause it happen to all women and when i get there i will say amen, dont bother bout my toys, them HIV and other disease free, if at any time when i put them down in their separate boxes and the get to close as to be in the same box them gone, so right now i rather them than ppl like you who maybe fluffy with a crooked eye, the fact are the facts MR ADRIAN, it seem like i upset you for stating such, you might be one who prey on these little girls,, i struck a nerve in the center if your pea brain,


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