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Patrice Clarke

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — PATRICE CLARKE — Hi Naked, I’m writing to expose this girl who suppose to be a mother.  Her name is Patrice Clarke.  This woman is a real nuisance.  She got a lil boy from a fellow I know that live in the Deacons.  Boy when that man say she blight his life I really understand what he meant.

Everytime she find out the man got a nice pretty girlfriend she does just try she best to mess up d man life and cause problems.  She does stalk them on all kinda sites, pretend to be people and even go by them house trying to persuade them family that the girl mash up she relationship and she still got he although them done long now.

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Naked, the woman usted to send the man son down by him on weekends but since he got a pretty girl she don’t send the man son by he no more telling people she don’t want she son round no whores.  Believe she is the biggest one that he deal with, she was dealing with a man from St. Philip and still dealing with other people men for lil ends of money because she hate work and can’t cook for sh***e but always posting pictures in a guest house or in a pool.

She mother was an old w***re too and was selling her from young.  The boy father happened to fall in them trap cause dem like ya money bad.  Now she don’t send the little boy to be with his father because he got a woman but d man and he mother does support the child make sure he good now she living in St. Philip by she man with the man son she and the man done so them was in Bush Hall with her mother dealing with all kind of men and one of them burn down the house the other night play them saying it’s the mother husband when them know them out there selling them parts and taking all kinda men money.

It’s only obvious that one the men find out bout them and burn down the house so them at some family sctoching no job and now the police at the house every minute.  Even she own friends does laugh at she say how stupid and immature she is and say she can’t leff the man let he be happy with who he got she just so stupid and immature and look bad is a**** no wonder she same friends does laugh at she behind she back cause she can’t think for she self.  Whateva them tell she to do she does do.

She does post pictures with the boy dress up on IG but that is just a front thing she is one of the most unfit mothers in this world and now she don’t even want she child no more telling the child father she sick of he and if he don’t come for he child from she she gine put he in court.

You believe this lil end of wh*****e Naked?

Well I writing to expose what kinda woman you really is because you seem to put up a front for the people that don’t know you but we that know you everysense from the time you was going school know what kinda person you really is and I will keep letting people know the truth about you.

I now see why it is said having a child from the wrong person can f**k up your life and it’s true because of people like she and them lowlife ways.  I know them both from young and never thought she would turn out like that but I feel sorry for the child father and what dem does gaw go through with she.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

2 thoughts on “Patrice Clarke”

  1. That is why men cant be out there breeding anything. Any man should know who gine be a problem child mother from far out…. those kinds a women u gotta get rid of before they trap u.


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