Sharon Small

Sharon Small

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked, I’m writing to tell you about bad-looking Sharon Small from block 10A Silver Hill, Christ Church.  She is so very wicked hear she use to get an unfair she deaf son from the time he was small, when he born she did never want he because of his disability so he did live with he father who now minding she and acting like an idiot too.

I hear she son move out because he find a family that cares for him.  She use to take away the boy bank card and withdraw all he money from Scotiabank when he get the lil change from the NIS  and spend um pun she so-call husband and 3 other children an never give the boy a cent out he money.  But all this I hear from someone an I know she too cause she could fool people good an act like she is a saint but don’t let she fool wanna with lies, she use to make that boy stay home all the time while them going out enjoying them self and she other children travelling bout with the boy money but I glad he get a better life an he looking clean now too.

He well taken care of so all wanna that know this black bad-looking woman who int got nothing in life to do but beg people for money to pay she bills and working at worthing court hotel don’t listen to Sharon Small cause she the husband and the rest of family wicked but if I did that fella them fight with I would flatten she bout they now she got hide bout an roam Barbados cause the fella had she in court but she did sh***ing bricks cause she did going up Dodds but the fella had kind to let she go free but god don’t like ugly and that yah husband get fired from transport board cause he int no use check he phone an see he horning yah bout they got yah daughter bout an breeding I know she didn’t going make to 19 years old before she breed.

Naked, below is a picture of the witch and she daughter (not published) that breed.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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3 thoughts on “Sharon Small”

  1. Mam ! You have sat Patiently in this Public Court ! of Opinion ! no one came forward ! to Substantiate the Charge against you! Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016 dismissed this Charge against you Mam ! no record would be held against your good name Mam.Go in peace Mam.


  2. (CEO) OF NAKED DEPARTURE NETWORK INTERNATIONAL ! A PLEASANT GOOD MORNING TO YOU! IT’S 04.17 am why you’re not a sleep Mam! You’re Up Early working on the People’s business ! I applaud you CEO !


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