Speightstown at night

Speightstown at Night

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, this is how our beloved Speightstown looks at night.  Is this part of Speightstown’s revitalization?  A woman was stuck by a car trying to cross the road last week.


This is so dangerous but the government cares nothing about the North.  We are begging for the authorities to place more lights please in Speightstown.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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7 thoughts on “Speightstown at Night”

  1. Omg. Water shortage and pitch blackness….
    The North never figured in any government plans. Oops not true. It has always figured. I.e. Neglect, Neglect, Neglect.


  2. SKULL!

    I also want to Welcomed you to Barbados , your Language tell’s me you’re a Guyanese National ! if you take time and ask God for Wisdom and Understanding ,you too Can also Comment on a lot of National Issue’s here in Barbados , and your Home Land ! We at Naked Departure Network ! Welcome’s all ! Rather than Criticized me for speaking on issue’s I see fit , I would love to see you Condemned the abuse of Women and Children in this Country and your Home land ! Used your energy Wisely ! you going to need it abit Later !


  3. DON’T Lose traction here ,it have to remained this way for the main purpose of transporting COCAINE From those two PRIVATE PORT’S OF ENTRY a few yard’s away !


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