Susannah Thompson

Susannah Thompson

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SUSANNAH THOMPSON — Naked, please tell that woman Susannah AKA ‘wanna call herself’ Slayanna that does work up in de people government building to watch she self from always wanna drag people on Facebook before I do my dutiful duties of digging up through some archives, talking to the right people and publicizing she mc business all over the place.susannah

Keep to caking on yuh makeup and stop (allegedly) carrying way people money and other people’s men (feel these streets aint hear bout you, HA!).   Settle yurself!  You are too much of a rectangle to be pushing yurself into places with more shape.

Susannah, play nice and people will work better with you.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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8 thoughts on “Susannah Thompson”

  1. Is she da lawyer who work for COB name Susanne Thompson who now works for Public Counsel that is located above the land registry where the false documents by her are being corrected? If she is she really get a lot of people money.


  2. Look at this c hay now! SUSANNAAAAA-AH! I could hear them Coco voice notes again. But real talk, every time I see she, my belly does hurt me. Woman feel she is a real steppa indeed not knowing everybody in the store does be laughing bad as rh.


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