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Avery Hackett

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Hi Naked.  Avery Hackett who is based in the USA New Jersey/New York is allegedly one of the big drug men operating between both countries.  Avery also has the most lavish Crop over Band in Barbados called Krave.

He also is/was sole importer and distributor of an energy drink called Fireball in which containers he allegedly moved drugs to Barbados.

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Not satisfied with that he also allegedly smuggled in Remy and other raw hair in suitcases with the aid of custom agents avoiding duties which he would bring through the Barbados Airport.  His girlfriend would then sell on the local market.

Avery has also allegedly been heavily involved with selling cocaine moved from Barbados to the USA where he has been primarily based, allegedly.

Naked, this guy is a big, big player.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

17 thoughts on “Avery Hackett”

  1. @dave I won’t sell my soul!!! Apparently you sold yours!!! ND pls do what’s right and take this bs down!!! This is this a platform for these people and it’s not working…. How can I curse those whom God has not cursed? How can I denounce those whom the LORD has not denounced? @dave you and anonymous hull all yuh hating mother c—- !!!! That’s way Krave stay winning!!! Catch to f/// up!!!!


  2. Anonymous
    You are a malicious bully goat! So what you mean to tell me is Krave does pay all their revelers to act like they have the most vibes on the road? Because if this man is a drug dealer he’s hustling ass backwards!! The last time I check the revelers control the vibes. You could put the hottest of the hottest of everything in your band but if the revelers not feeling it. Vibes dead!! Stop defaming hard working people with shite talk do.


  3. The Crop Over band ‘Krave” has the most vibes because they have the most drug money “It’s me”. It means nothing to you and the other idiot “Just wondering. How much of the drugs and drug money are you both handling and pushing?

    Give us a break here on ND please. Ah beggin’ ya.


    1. Avery Hackrtt is in bed with the drug dealers in Barbados especially the US drug deportees. Arrogant jackass. The FEDS and DEA should get involved as they ship cocaine to the US from Barbados and Guyana


    2. Avery Hackett was recently arrested in JFK airport with David Beckham and Machel Montano as a part of a huge cocaine drug bust. It’s all over the internet!!! Apparently they’ve been running this drug ring for some time along with running an illegal unicorn farm. This is getting totally out of hand!!! ND I beg u to investigate!! obviously the DEA can’t do their job so u should definitely step in! Save the Unicorns!!! ::throws confetti::


    3. Avery is one off the most honest and hard working black men in our sad society (because people like you are a part of it) and instead off you lifting him up you on here trying to bash him!!! The curliest lies are told in silence… That’s why you would remain “anonymous” a f—— nobody!!! When we see injustice and do not speak about it we tell a lie by omission, one that hurts many others…. This right here isn’t right!! Go get a life!!! This man hasn’t done anything to you more than step above you and made a way for himself and his family honestly!!! You are gaining absolutely nothing by posting this. He’s in the USA thinking about ways to improve is lavish band… that my crew and I would be jumping in crop over 2017!!! Krave to the world!!! Anonymous get a life, before its to late and you miss your spot in the best band.


      1. @Hope

        Avery must have paid you to write this shite or you must be him. Avery is well known among the golfers when he plays in Barbados both as a gambler for money and a drug dealer. Pleasent personality but still a drug dealer.


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