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Elder Abuse in Seclusion Road

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I know about the abuse in question because I live up through the gap and the women are old ladies.  Family members nowadays would just lock up the women in the house and leave, so the house is shut up and the gates locked and the old ladies in the house locked up.

But Naked, these women does look and act like they mad or retarded and them suppose to be from America.  You hear them in there cursing and arguing with the old ladies when you pass.  I feel sorry for the neighbors.  They don’t even let the old woman walk around and get some air and they would be hitting the old lady because she does be screaming.

Everybody in Fairfield does hear how them does be getting on.  I live behind the house and does hear them late hours cursing and carrying on.  The police came and never came back.  I would be so sorry if something happens to them because the neighbors don’t even pay them any mind anymore now because I hear they were accusing the neighbors of calling the police for them.

But Naked, I would like to get help for the old ladies though.  One might got dementia or something, but it ain’t right they getting treat badly.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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3 thoughts on “Elder Abuse in Seclusion Road”

  1. So the police managed to go to the house and never returned nor did they do anything constructive to rescue the old ladies.

    The police also got numerous calls to Queens park where the young men are video taping underage girls in various sex acts and they have not responded.

    Now the police PR want us to stop video taping so that their wrong doings will not be exposed.

    This is now in the public domain for all to see for the second time around. What is the relevant authorities doing or promising to do about this very serious allegation/report beside the continual nothing?

    Thank you lady for writing to ND and exposing the cruelty to those people.


  2. LETS ! go and and brake the necks of the workers , the POLICE came and never past it on to the Relevant Agency.


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