Keanna Butcher Lewis

Keann Butcher-Lewis of no Fixed Place of Abode

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KEANN BUTCHER-LEWIS — Naked, there are certain people who should stop trying to fool others that they are so cool when they really are deceitful.  People who constantly talk their friends’ name.  One such person is a common-class woman called Keann Butcher-Lewis who works at the Statistical Department and lives at no fixed place of abode.

You see she lived so many places that one would lose count.  Her father that lives in Gall Hill, Christ Church, cannot put up with her party-girl behaviour and warned her to stay home and look after her young son but all that fell on deaf ears since she says she is an adult who can do as she pleases.  Then there is her mother who she calls a “freak” because she has standards and does not like her low, trashy behaviour and also because she refuses to contribute financially while living under her roof.  Then there is the grandmother who lived near Oistins, she could not stay there long since she could not get her own way. And then of course the different men she has slept at.

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Keann, you are the most wu****ess, de*****able s****t I have ever met.  There is no way you should be talking about other people’s lives when you are the one that the men does give all the S**s to till yuh belly hurt, slap around and then turn around and talk bout you.  No wonder Nanton don’t support that child Azarique because he aint even sure it is his with all the man-hopping you do.  You need to set an example for that child, how he could respect women especially when he sees the closest female in his life being a wh****?

Because you have an over-size a***** full of cellulite that does catch the men don’t mean they respect you, they just use you, in****ct you and dump you like the trash you are.

A fete caan miss you because it is there u try to sell yuhself to de men.  You is a trouble maker but you mess with the right person this time.  You are a disgrace to your mother and father and even though they don’t get along they both agree on one thing–that you need to stop embarrassing them.  Oh, and don’t lemme gotta talk bout the video that went viral of you down at Reggae Pon de Beach years back making a spectacle of yourself wukking up on stage wid all your panty showing–it was most disgusting.  You shoulda remember your mother would gotta face de public at school after that incident.

When you discussing my life and all the other people you does roll with remember yours much worse.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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