Livingstone Hoyte, Dead

Livingstone Hoyte is dead — His Eulogy/Obituary

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — LIVINGSTONE HOYTE is dead (October 13, 2016), but when he was young and very much alive, he was a horrible brother, father, partner in life and an incestuous/pedophile person at large.  Livingstone Hoyte was a PREDATOR!  (Ohhhhh, I can almost hear the outrage!  But the outrage should NOT be at this eulogy/obituary, it should have been set in motion in his early life!)

When Naked Departure talks about rampant incest and there being a pedophile on every corner and in every home in Barbados….Livingstone Hoyte was one of them.  The apple did not fall very far from the tree.  In fact, this particular apple never fell, it was picked!

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Livingstone Hoyte was a bastard child and the man alleged to be his father swiftly disowned him.  BUT, since paternity tests back in the 1940’s was a search of physical features, Livingstone Hoyte was a carbon copy and the child of Cyril Washington.  As is most times the case in Barbados, however, he was raised by a single mother.  In other words, he raised himself.

As a particular, anonymous, child mother would testify, Livingstone Hoyte used to beat her and he never supported the children he had with her.  He was an angry man.  A true Bajan!  He was the most promiscuous!  Anonymous

Funerals are important and well-loved in Barbados (rum shops, as much as the undertakers, depend on them).  So we are sure Livingstone Hoyte will get his due share of RIP’s and so on and so forth, as Bajans usher him out of this Hell and into ???? Heaven???

If Earth/Hell is a playground or, as some would say a classroom, Livingstone, you played a solid game!  You stayed true to your DNA as the only little girls who got away from you were the ones who could run faster than you!  Aging is a good thing for could you imagine hu-mans taking from that forbidden tree and living forever?!!  God forbid!!

A fond farewell or a RIP???  We’ll wait on that.  Let’s see what the *Akashic Records have to say about all that Livingstone did in the dark.

Sadly, Livingstone Hoyte is not remarkable as it relates to conditions of birth (in the 1940’s) and being born a (in Barbados) Barbadian.  Better luck next time ‘Livie’.  Naked Departure

*Akashic records are a compendium of thoughts, events, and emotions believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the astral plane.

The service of thanksgiving will be held at Western Light Church of the Nazarene on Thursday October 27th at 2:00pm. The internment will take place at Westbury Cemetery.

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